Moderator Application

Below you will find the basic information we will need in your application.

1. Player Name

2. E-Mail address

3. Age

4. The usual times you are on the server, convert to EST if needed to make it easier

5. Have you been banned from VW? if yes, why?

6. Banned from another server? if yes, why?

7. Mods are given the ability to teleport to players and coordinates. What are your thoughts on using this permission? Do you use it to teleport other players? Your own usage?

8. As a member of staff, you will be "in-the-know" about possible upcoming changes/features. How do you handle that information?

9. Your friend is obviously x-raying, how do you handle that?

10. List some examples of rules being broken, I'm sure you've observed some, and how you would handle them.

11. Why do you think you should be a moderator.

12. Anything extra you would like to add?

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