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  1. Ontvlambaar

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    During Minecon Earth, people could vote on which biomes they wanted to see updated (first).
    There were three contenders: Savannah, Taiga and Desert.

    If the savannah biome was chosen during the livestream, Baobab trees, termite hills and ostriches were added to the savannah biome.

    If the Taiga biome was chosen during the livestream, we would get berry bushes, foxes and campfires.

    If the desert biome was chosen during the livestream, Mojang would add meerkats and palm trees to the desert biome.

    And the winner is....

    Jungle biomes are being enriched with bamboo and pandas!
    Pandas love eating bamboo and you can even find them rolling on their backs! Cute aren't they?
    The jungle villages are getting new residents. While the current villagers are being kicked out in a most obscure way, the new inhabitants will be a treat for the eye!
    New cats
    There will be 9 skins for cats in total. While there's eight skins already made, Mojang will hold a contest for players to design the 9th. And Ont will be participating!

    New hostile mobs that look like the illagers we already have.. but they wield crossbows and raid villagers with their beasts.

    A new mob that can potentially be ridden. Upon walking through farmland, beasts harvest your crops while not trampling your farmland. New farming method!? The beasts will look like bulls in some way.

    Yes! Crossbows! And new enchantments! The crossbow will be slower than the bow, but definitely more powerful!

    Biome architecture
    A complete village overhaul. Villages will now have different varieties based on the biomes they're in!

    Ducks are coming to the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. It's unclear whether we're getting them on Java though :(

    Custom mobs
    Yay, no more resource packs to do this! Some simple code to create custom mobs!

    A block where you can display a written book for reading purposes. Awesome!

    Can be edited and text can be selected. Little changes without removing half a page!

    Sign text may or may not be changed into white text.

    14 new stairs have been announced
    • andesite stairs
    • diorite stairs
    • granite stairs
    • stone stairs
    14 new slabs have been announced
    • polished diorite slab
    12 new walls have been announced
    • andesite wall
    • brick wall
    • diorite wall
    • granite wall
    • sandstone wall

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  2. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    Another potential change are brown variants of the mooshroom, however this hasnt been confirmed to be added yet.
  3. Asmeroas

    Asmeroas Member

    I really do want to see more fleshing out of the biomes! So I hope they keep this theme up for awhile. Still hoping for sharks, anaconda, crocodiles, grizzly bears, mountain lions... but someday. Wildlife for the win!

    Of course they could always expand on the fantasy side of things too. Like a boss version of the husk for desert temples, like an actual mummy. Practically immune to physical damage, has to be burned or something like that.

    Anyway, future hopes aside, I wonder if villagers will be able to guard against pillagers at all? Like, via iron golem only, or can we equip the villagers to feebly fend off attacks?

    and secondly, with ocelots and cats being split off into separate mobs... will ocelots function like before for taming and you still get cats that way? Or will we have to tame the strays now? I assume they aren't completely changing the mechanic but they have an opportunity to expand on wild cats and still give us pet cats. Looking forward to more information!
  4. lordoftherings252

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    I’ll easily be enjoying traveling across a map to discover all the new items, no doubt that it’s the best part of every big update.
  5. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    Cats will be spawning in villages as strays. I believe that, because ocelots will be a completely separate mob now, we can no longer use them to get cats. Cats do scare off phantoms from now on, though.
    Definitely. I wish we had the new ocean generation in our current areas. Theyre amazing!
  6. Loyjanna

    Loyjanna Active Member

    Will be great.. should we expect v1.13 turned on for VW soon?
  7. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    Spigot 1.13.1 recently rolled out of the extreme caution phase. This means that there's no more harmful bugs to world generation. I'm currently testing 1.13.1 on my test server and it looks like we should be good to update. The only issue I've come across so far is that the shopkeepers plugin (that provides the villager shops at /spawn) is not working. I suggest that, if you want to buy stuff from /spawn, you do it quick ;)

    I went ahead and asked @Thyestefles to update the server. His word is final in this. but I think we should be good to update.
    Meanwhile, lexmanos is making progress on Forge 1.13.x, so mods should be out soon too.
  8. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    Updated in main post:


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