A guide to getting the hidden achievement "How did we get here?"

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    Recently, TangSoo12 and I got the hidden achievement "How did we get here?". If you aren't familiar with this achievement, it is located right after the achievement "A furious cocktail" but is hidden until you actually get it. It involves having every possible effect on you at the same time.

    The effects you must have active on you at the same time are:

    • Fire resistance (8:00)
    • Invisibility (8:00)
    • Night vision (8:00)
    • Water breathing (8:00)
    • Slowness (4:00)
    • Weakness (4:00)
    • Levitation (0:10)
    • Mining fatigue (5:00)
    • Wither (0:10)
    • Absorption (2:00)
    • Glowing (0:10)
    BEACON (times start as soon as you teleport away)
    • Haste (0:15)
    • Jump boost (0:15)
    • Regeneration (0:15)
    • Resistance (0:15)
    • Speed (0:15)
    • Strength (0:15)
    • Poison (1:00)
    • Hunger (0:15)
    • Nausea (0:15)

    Items/people/etc. you need to follow this guide:
    • 6 beacons
    • 1 Donator (Red) member working with you to set TP way points and accept your TP requests
    • Potions of Fire Resistance, Underwater Breathing, Invisibility, Night Vision, Slowness and Weakness
    • 1 (regular) Golden Apple
    • 1 spectral arrow (crafted with 4 pieces of glowstone dust and 1 arrow)
    • 1 dispenser
    • 1 pressure plate
    • 1 nametag
    • 1 Pufferfish
    • 1 captured Wither Skeleton

    Prep work:
    1. Make sure you have at least 4 hunger slots open before you begin because the Golden Apple will fill 3 slots and you need to have hunger to eat the Pufferfish
    2. Have Wither Skeleton captured and named (prepare the pit for the wither skeleton but put a ladder on the inside to climb out. He will follow you in and not get out)
    3. Have a dispenser with Spectral arrow attached to pressure plate right in front of Wither Skeleton
    4. Create TP waypoints to Elder Guardian, Shulkers and Wither Skeleton
    5. Emplace the uber-beacon to give the 6 effects shown below right above the shulker room

    Ready? Follow these steps:
    1. TP TO Ocean Monument (as soon as wingman TP accepts, they should TP to the shulkers and be ready to tpaccept again)
    (drink potions)
    Fire resistance (8:00)
    Invisibility (8:00)
    Night vision (8:00)
    Water breathing (8:00)

    (wait for Elder Guardian to zap you)
    Mining Fatigue (5:00)

    (drink potions)
    Slowness (4:00)
    Weakness (4:00)

    (eat golden apple)
    Absorption (2:00)

    2. TP TO Shulkers (as soon as wingman TP accepts, they should TP to the wither skeleton and be ready to tpaccept again)
    Haste (0:15)
    Jump boost (0:15)
    Regeneration (0:15)
    Resistance (0:15)
    Speed (0:15)
    Strength (0:15)

    (puffer fish) <--- Eat this as you see the shulker bullet heading towards you
    Poison (1:00)
    Hunger (0:15)
    Nausea (0:15)

    (wait for shulker to zap you)
    Levitation (0:10)

    3. TP TO Wither Skeleton
    (step on pressure plate spectral arrow)
    Glowing (0:10)
    (step up to wither skeleton mob)
    Wither Skeleton/Wither (0:10)

    Some final tips:
    • Set up your beacons on the top of an end city structure where the shulkers are in the room directly below.
    • The wingman/woman should fine-tune where to stand at the wither skeleton so the person tp'ing over is in the best possible place to immediatley step on the pressure plate and step up to wither skeleton.
    • Remember the person is going to be levitating when they get to the wither skeleton! You need to make sure there is a low roof to prevent floating away and to allow the levitating person to activate the pressure plate.
    • If you notice, the critical point of this is the time crunch between getting hit with Levitation and winning the advancement. Because the pufferfish effect lasts 15 seconds, it should be eaten just before the shulker bullet hits. Once the levitation bullet hits you, things move fast - you need to tpa, get accepted, step on the pressure plate, get hit by the arrow then get the Wither Skeleton to inflict you with Wither within 10 seconds.
    • PRACTICE the tpa/tpaccept routine with your wingman/woman so you know they won't waste a few precious seconds in getting you TP'ed to where you need to be.
    • Put the "tpa username" in your copy/paste buffer so you can just type "/<ctrl>-v" to send the tp request.
    • Wingman/woman - put the "tpaccept" in your buffer so you can just type "/<ctrl>-v" to tp them over

    That is it! With a little luck you will get this hidden achievement on your first try.
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    Super cool Guide Repo, I'm gunna do it as soon as i can get it all prepared :)
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