(April fools) Update to 1.13 and World reset.

Discussion in 'Server News & Announcements' started by Konachaan, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    As you all know, 1.13 looms around the corner like a ninja in the shadows; with it comes a lot of changes to the gameplay mechanics.

    Part of these changes have huge implications on the way the game is played and we feel that some players have the unfair advantage of being on the server for several years and more resources than say, a newbie would.

    Right now we have only one realistic option to maintain player satisfaction and equality in a Vanilla environment.

    In 3 days time, the server and the world will be reset and everyone will start again on equal grounds.

    Like most, I have also gotten bored of having the supplies to build what I want without having to gather anything.

    For the future the world will also be limited to a size of 100k by 100k blocks to reduce lag. Don’t worry though as a potential griefer will still have to travel over 1000 blocks to cause any damage.

    Over time, the server will become a better place for implementing these changes early in the update.

    Obviously we understand that you’d like to keep at least some items from the old world; therefore we will be providing a reasonable amount of safe storage for each player; all players will have a single item space of storage which is up to 64 of an item of choice to transfer to the new world!

    Let’s all work to make the new world as good as the old world.

    So long and good luck in the future.
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  2. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    I'm keeping my beacons! Can't wait to play with everyone so close by! We can even start one big Community Area!
  3. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    I have a stack of wither skulls that I’ll be transferring. I’ll probably kill the Wither several times early on. I hope they don’t cause too much damage.
  4. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    Ah.. Possibly Results In Lots of craters! That'd make a nice landscape for some kind of wastelands.

    Edit: Marked in RED
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  5. rejas

    rejas Active Member

    what?!? but im not even finished with the big house im making at the moment #thiscakegodissadnow
    hopelly ill be able to finish it before this happens. i also wonder what ill take with me.
  6. Repomeister

    Repomeister Member

    Love it! I think we should make the 1.13 server hardcore as well - really feel immersive. I'm gonna transfer 64 Clownfish because they are so immersive.
  7. JediAJMan

    JediAJMan New Member

    I am totally going to take my 64 diamonds.
  8. The_True_Morty

    The_True_Morty New Member

    It would also be awesome if PvP would get enabled. So everybody can get that Hardcore PvP experience
  9. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    We’re going with a true hardcore pvp world. You get one life. Death is followed by a permanent IP ban from the server.
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  10. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    Bwahaha I didn’t see that before
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  11. Toaster

    Toaster Active Member

    You two need a time-out.
  12. rejas

    rejas Active Member

    oh, i didn't think it was april 1st when i read this. i check the forums once a day and its in the morning. not fair kona.
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  13. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    It was definitely April 1st when this was posted ;)
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