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Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by lordoftherings252, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

    I've been going over a few things and I believe it to be the safest to just get this build out of the way while I can. The plan I have is an elven type build soneplace in Olarion that will take up alot of reasources I don't have the time or effort to collect (mostly cause I just don't want to). The supplies I believe I'll be needing if I did the math correctly would be:

    425,000 bone blocks
    300,000 spruce logs
    150,000 wool (all colors combined that is)
    6,000 quartz blocks
    15,000 polished diorite
    3,200 daylight sensors (if possible)
    2,400 glowstone blocks or magma blocks
    1,000 ladders
    20,000 dark prismarine (if Xeri is generous that would help)
    750 spruce fence

    I know it may seem like alot and it might be, but if people are willing to donate some items it could help out alot.
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  2. Footrott_Flats

    Footrott_Flats Active Member

    Let me get this right. You want the people to collect and donate around 900,000 blocks to you because... "you just dont want to".

  3. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

    Well, I have been collecting blocks myself when I get the chance to but that's part of it. The other part is that it would take way to long for myself to do it.
  4. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

    Also I'm mostly putting Xeri under the bus throughout anyone else.
  5. winkyboy98

    winkyboy98 Active Member

    I can give a decent amount of bones with a skele grinder I gotz. I'll have to rebuild my tree farm from which I lost due to rollback to get you some spruce and ladders I can mass produce easily
  6. Cool_Coder

    Cool_Coder Active Member

    You could also afk at my skele grinder, it's fully auto.
  7. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

    I was doing some thinking about this and it may take less blocks the. I thought but not by alot. With spruce fence, I have enough at this point in time. Spruce logs will be only at about 200,000. With wool it will only be about 100,000. I have all the ladders set. For Diorite, it willl be pushed down to 10,000 blocks. Daylight sensors will be at 1,600. Glowstone will be pushed down to 1,000 hopefully. with quartz blocks it will be down to 3,000.
  8. RavingDorito

    RavingDorito Member

    I can donate what I have. We have a good amount of Diorite, and I can check out my bone supply. Dont know if I have anything else on the list, but will look next time im online. Then its just a matter of being on when you are xD
  9. Wuzzleflump

    Wuzzleflump Active Member

    I have some diorite and magma blocks I can donate since I have no plans for them. Do you have a place in the community area I can drop them off so you can collect if we aren't on at the same time?
  10. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

    I could setup a few place for it when I get the chance

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