Boom Town Mini-game Event!

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Lord_Imperialis, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Lord_Imperialis

    Lord_Imperialis New Member

    Do you like to be a bit scared?

    Do you like to have the feeling that you could die at any second?

    Do you like to defuse... bombs?

    If you answered yes to all of the above then welcome to the game!

    AMPMCraft1523 and I will be hosting one of the most high-thrilling elimination game since the days of PolsaniusVI. We will be doing it in two tournaments. One will be for singleplayer matches where I and amp set the combinations and another for those who like to play against their friends.

    The eliminatory based Boom Town defusing event will work like this:

    The hosts or your friend will make a six lever combination lock which will be randomized each turn.
    You will have 60 seconds to defuse the bomb, and your chance to get to the next round will be based on if you solve the combination and how long it takes you to as well.

    At least one player will be eliminated each round so that also adds a bit of tension to the gameplay.
    First place gains 32 diamonds, second wins 16, and third wins 8.

    The event will be ready to play again at an unknown date (but I'll try to inform you as soon as possible), and there will be a wait time from 1:00 PM PST (9:00 PM GMT) to 1:20 AM PST (9:20 PM GMT). The game will not be able to begin unless 5 people join.

    Good luck to all who participate! -Lord_Imperialis

    P.S Thanks to PolsaniusVI who inspired me to do this type of event and credit to MumboJumbo for his bomb-defusing minigame design.

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  2. Loyjanna

    Loyjanna Active Member

    will there be an opportunity to just come and observe? I'd happily donate some bomb making supplies as well.
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  3. Lord_Imperialis

    Lord_Imperialis New Member

    Yeah Loy, you can watch from maybe a platform above the contestants' booths where the bombs will be. Thanks for offering your supplies too!
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  4. PandaGOD82

    PandaGOD82 New Member

    6 levers and solve combination? Is this like the tnt game tutorial that Mumbo did?
  5. Lord_Imperialis

    Lord_Imperialis New Member

    Actually, I want to give credit to mumbo for this now because it's the exact same design. Besides, I didn't say it was too original but I'll edit the post.
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  6. Lord_Imperialis

    Lord_Imperialis New Member

    We're still accepting applications to join; so, if you want to, sign up here or just ask to join the day it happens.
  7. winkyboy98

    winkyboy98 Active Member

    I would love to play. I also can donate some supplies
  8. polsaniusVI

    polsaniusVI Well-Known Member

    I feel honored I have caused inspiration. And it's about blowing things up..I feel like a proud parent *sniff* :')
  9. Lord_Imperialis

    Lord_Imperialis New Member

    Thanks and congrats to all who played! Hopefully, by next week, we'll be able to play again and with an evening game as well (evening in my time zone). I wish you all good luck on your future prospects.

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