Bukkit/Spigot Copyright Lawsuit

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  1. Thyestefles

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    As of Today, Bukkit and Spigot have been ordered to cease distribution of their software under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Not sure how it's all going to pan out but, Mojang is supporting this move, even though they own Bukkit. This will probably slow down our update to 1.8 unfortunately...

    Spigot is using all of their donation money to lawyer up and fight this move, we will see how it goes.

    Some info and forums related to this issue are below for anyone interested. I posted it elsewhere but, felt like this was worthy of being on the front page.




    Edit: Mojang isn't actually supporting this move. They simply stated that their code is not authorized to be used under an open source license. This former Mojang dev was trying to use an open source license and is just being stupid. It should all blow over relatively quick, I'm sure Mojang has quite the team of lawyers to correct this issue.
  2. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    They are still distributing 1.7 builds and Spigot has builds that are compatible with 1.8, they aren't actual 1.8 builds though. They are not able to distribute any further builds at this time though...
  3. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Should just slow it down though. Here is a better posting about the issue. I already forgot that Jeb and Dinnerbone had stated they were working on Bukkit 1.8.

    EvilSeph included code that this former Mojang dev made, he didn't like it and issued this claim. It shouldn't take long for Mojang to fix it. Mojang owns the code and the dev gave it over, it isn't his anymore...they'll be fine...

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    Thank you for keeping players in the loop!~
  5. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    On a positive note, I just completed the coding/testing for donation tiers. I just have to finish up the rest of the logistics, donation amounts per tier, how I'm going to display the progress, etc...then I should be able to implement them.

    So yea, even if we have to wait a bit longer for 1.8, you can at least enjoy the perks again, assuming we reach the tiers :p
  6. TriariusVI

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    I really need the no fall damage...We'll reach the tiers :D
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  7. One_EyeSabre

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    I will have to admit, it was an intensive read. All the notes, messages, emails and other paraphernalia that was in the links and webpages o_O. Took me about 2 hours to read thru it and figure where they are right now (that term being subjective to the information that was available ATM). It sucks when people can't get along and then do the sorting after the fact instead of before. :facepalm:

    Here's hoping the game will continue to move along in a positive manner.

    Like have NO FALL DAMAGE!!! YEAH! :cat:
  8. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    There is also all of this which I'm sure ties into this current "issue"...


    EvilSeph, former Bukkit admin, essentially tried to say Bukkit was dead. Somehow, he forgot, or was unaware of the fact that Bukkit was owned by Mojang so it wasn't his place to say Bukkit was done. A month or so later, and this happens. I suspect it's just a, soon to be failed, attempt to disrupt Bukkit/Mojang.
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  9. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    do we have any updates on this? i see spigot has released a couple of updates since the DMCA, i don't understand coding at all lol but are they for updating 1.8 or are they something else completely? lol
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  10. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Spigot is no longer able to allow downloads of any of their code, since it contains some of the "infringing" code. What they are doing is releasing patches that can be installed to the latest build of spigot, if you already have it. They wont be able to update it to 1.8 doing that and, they aren't really the ones that do that type of updating, they just tweak things and make it run better. They have to wait, just like all of us, for Dinnerbone/Bukkit to update to 1.8
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  11. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    ahh i geddit now :p mm can't wait for this to be sorted, hopefully mojang have been working on their own code and can just release that as bukkit soon even if the lawsuits are still going :p
  12. Hulrof

    Hulrof Member

    Any updates? C:
  13. One_EyeSabre

    One_EyeSabre Active Member

    Posted on Mojang.com

    The founders: Notch, Carl, and Jakob are leaving. We don’t know what they’re planning. It won’t be Minecraft-related but it will probably be cool.
  14. One_EyeSabre

    One_EyeSabre Active Member

    Posted on Spigot about the 1.8 (sorry for the copy paste/ i am trying to link it)


    1.8 Protocol Update FAQ

    Everything you need to know about the SpigotMC Protocol Update for Minecraft 1.8

    What is it?
    The protocol update for Minecraft 1.8 is a 1.7.10 Spigot server
    that allows Minecraft 1.7 and 1.8 users connect to the server.

    Does that mean 1.8 features will work?
    No, the server is 1.7.10, it just allows 1.8 clients to connect.

    What happens if I try to use 1.8 features?
    The 1.8 features will not work and the server will prevent you from using them.

    When will there be a full update with full 1.8 features?
    We are waiting on a Bukkit update to 1.8 before a full 1.8 release will be
    given, this will take time, and we do not know when it will be released.

    Is this update safe or will things break?
    There is always a chance when updating that something will break. With a
    protocol patch there is a greater risk, as many internals to the server have
    been changed in a way that some plugins may not expect. Plugins that
    change the internals of the server may not work, (ProtocolLib, Citizens, etc).
    Please check with the plugin authors regarding these plugins.​
  15. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    They are still planning on continuing. It will probably take some time though. Once Microsoft gets into the mix, updates will probably be quicker. I'm sure they will add more members to the team and be able to push updates out pretty quick. They want it to succeed, otherwise why would they pay so much to purchase Mojang, and inherently Bukkit?

    I just hope they don't do anything too crazy that makes me have to recode a lot of our plugins again, like the name change idea o_O.

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