Eberkon: The dwarf city

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Konachaan, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. I think I may be the only one left, and I'm not really on much -- I've even been thinking about leaving, as its very empty there, and last I was on I'd tens of thousand of blocks away in an experiment to see if I could find my old home and if its still there (some very old thing don't seem to disappear but be rolled back, it happened to Eberkon once). Alternately, I've thought of moving to the southern see and build a farm on a place I call Villager Island because it has several villages (including my mending villager).

    But back to the question, I say build what you want.
  2. DJHoss

    DJHoss VIP

    I miss this place
  3. I'm torn between staying in the area (lots of cool stuff, and the history of it) and leaving (more personal freedom about guests / no guilt over assuming I'm the only vote left). I might be more likely to stay if I wasn't the only one. But then, I don't play as much as I use to. Lately I'm just walking across the map -- and deciding to TP home would be a big decision, as I've walked over 150k. Lately, when I'm on I just need to clear my head, so walking works.

    Where ever I end up, I don't think I want to play keeping up with the Jones with giant builds any more.
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  4. DJHoss

    DJHoss VIP

    that is understandable
  5. I did, however, find my old 'halfway-house for the craftily insane," which I build when trying to walk too Eberkon....
  6. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    DJ, It's good to see you back.
    Jared, you're not the only one left. I am slowly becoming more active again and although I'll never be on as much as I used to be I'm in a position now where life / work allows me some more free time.

    I've also been wondering whether there is still anything left finish / start /improve in Eberkon. I might start over anew.
  7. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

    I did see a part pf Eberkon that seemed like was expanding, that's what I was hoping to add onto
  8. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    There’s the part behind the library which I started and never got finished or Elle’s big expansion around the side.
  9. Yeah, I started expanding there, but it got reverted while people were gone, so I'm building in the southern sea now -- go for it if you want to build there.
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  10. Ski_n_Longboard

    Ski_n_Longboard Well-Known Member

    I had to visit to experience the nostalgia.
  11. And I missed you! :( Were any of the old guard on at the time? What did you think?
  12. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    Marry me.
  13. Michael Clark

    Michael Clark New Member

    Wow looks awesome, all this diggin makes me wanna finish my batcave :)
  14. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

    I need some help finding the location of the guardian farm if anyone has time to show me

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