Eberkon: The dwarf city

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Konachaan, Dec 28, 2013.

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    Everkon is a dwarven city started by Konachan
    We are all proud members Eberkon
    and we will protect her(Eberkon) with every single cost.
  3. Girardawg

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    This is a really cool idea. It is turning out great.:eek:
  4. Ski_n_Longboard

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  5. idontknow0000

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    What does "Eberkon" mean?
  6. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    Can't it just be a name? For example, what does "Tyler" mean? :cat:
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  7. antony_cathles

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  8. jamerjamez

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    Ok so 2 things, is this an underground town? and two I could never be apart of this town i can't build like that!
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  9. gunwolve

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    Yes, it is going to be a Underground city:p but just because you may not have the fancy building skills (I don't XD) doesn't mean that you couldn't join! there is always other things to do, like farming and Expanding the cavern and such :p
  10. ImCrayons

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    May i Join
  11. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member


    Yes. Things are slowly coming along :)
  12. gunwolve

    gunwolve VIP

    very nice angle :p
  13. It's truly a lovely build.
  14. Corkey

    Corkey Active Member

    O lawdy, how much cobblestone must you have collected?! :'D
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  15. KiddEagle

    KiddEagle Supporter

    Wish I had VIP for multiple homes. :p

    Even if I can't take part, I'll help out in any way I can.
    (It can be anything, I don't really mind "boring" work either)

    Btw, I LOVE the nether portal cube… Thanks to whoever's idea it was.
  16. KiddEagle

    KiddEagle Supporter

    This sounds a bit like Erebos, which would be a nice sounding name, if it weren't for it's greek roots.
  17. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    Here is another from the other end...you can see the library construction beginning at the far end...
  18. KiddEagle

    KiddEagle Supporter

    I'll just stat that the positioning of the beacons is bugging me a tad bit.
    Not that it matters to any of you guys, but what if you were to incorporate the beacons into the column underneath the nether portal, so they shined through?

    (Just a suggestion.)
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  19. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    Think the current spot for the beacons is temporary so work can be done more easily there. They did shine through the beacon cube at one point, if Xeri remembers correctly.

    Edit: Erm.... Meant to say portal cube, not beacon cube.
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  20. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    If you look in earlier photos they shine through the portal yeah. They are temporary, in the finished project I have no idea where they will be. Completely hidden maybe.
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