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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jamerjamez, Apr 22, 2014.

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    Cant be, I'm from a different planet. *martian peace sign*
    It must be the universe.

    P.S. I come in peace :troll:
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    I have one last semi-educated guess... Well, okay, not so educated. But here it is.

    When you 'beat the game', killing the ender dragon, you're rewarded with a message saying how it was a personal journey the player embarked upon that got them there. That it was because of the player that things went the way they did. Now, here's where my 'logic' comes in. The nether is considered to be hell and the end is considered to be heaven. Cielo = heaven, which was one of the codes.

    So, my guess it that it's everyone. Everyone is needed to make the server work. It's a community effort that we all put our share into. Interactions, roles, how you play the game and how it affects others- Everything from shared houses, to trading or giving away items, looting and farming, mining and crafting... We as a community and how we play the game is what the server needs the most. Because if the server didn't have us, it wouldn't exist.
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    Access Denied. Dig Deeper. Use what you have used.
  4. ElleLightbulb

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    i just lost the game!!! thanks a lot ballcap xP
  5. ElleLightbulb

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    THAT'S A CLUE!!! quick people, check his grammar! are the comma's in the spot you read them? is the spelling for the correct meaning of a word? read back :]
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  7. Konachaan

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    I always hate bringing old threads back to life but I believe in this case an exception can be made.
    I awoke one night and this very riddle was on my mind for whatever reason. I went back through the information, and I know it's too little too late with James and PrincessLala being long gone but I have the answer:

    "I'm going for a nice purple swim"


    A quick search for the original quote of the forums reveals this thread:

    Clues the location of 3 keys, another search for the key words here finds the keys on various threads: The name of the thread translates as 'heaven' -did a search for 'Hell' and 'Fear' and found this - the second clue is further down. easiest clue, the first puzzle thread.

    Key 1: /2 +5
    Key 2 A=8 but O is the same
    Key 3: Reverse and add 1

    The three keys apply to each part of the first message, In all parts, letters remain letters:

    40 20 32 26 e a 14 16 20 28 30 30 6 e 26 e 28 30 34 e 26 40 //
    /2 + 5, and then doing a simple a=1 b=2 etc = 'YoureAlmostThereSoVery'

    10 19 15 26 12 1 15 12 8 21 26 4 12 25 6 26 1 15 12 15 25 16 14 16 21 15 13 //
    A=8 but O is the same, so A=8, B=9 etc. O remains the same: 'CloseTheAnswerIsTheOriginOf'

    srn lrc ddlqdu qdrd gsngv
    Reverse and add one, so A=B, B=C etc, then reverse: 'WhoTheServerNeedsMost'

    So the full message is ' You're almost there so // Very close the answer is the origin of // who the server needs most'

    This much I posted a long time ago, and it was related to Thy after all...
    If you check the forum history for Thy's first ever post you get this thread:

    Highlight it and a message is revealed.
    I'll take my long overdue prize now, James.
  8. That is really elaborate! I mean having to go through all those other posts (some by other people and modified), think to highlight to reveal white letters, etc. -- quite and Easter Egg hunt it must have been for the keys. No, I never saw this before, but then I often came and went with my ability to afford internet, playing modded, etc., so I didn't see it.

    I do miss the old crowd -- you, Ski, Elle, James and Lala, Thy actually being on and playing, etc. -- now I'm getting all nostalgic and melancholy for Eureka and that era. But we all have to move on one way or another, sooner or later.
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  9. Graners

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    wHAT ABOUT ME? Dont you miss me? ;(
  10. rejas

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    i was also here back then. i do also miss all the ones that have left. i still love to play on vanillaworld but it isnt as fun as it was back then. hell, it isnt even as fun as it was 2-3-4 years ago. i am so bad at remembering stuff.
  11. Graners

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    lmao i was banned like 4 years ago, tryna get unbanned tho
  12. Ahhhh, sorry....

    Some people I just knew better than others -- Ski was the first other player I really met (he gave a great deal on a ton of wool). The next were Ziggy, Elle, and LethalMinecraft. Thy actually started on the server close to the same time (Daffy22 being owner then). Then there were those who actually lived in Eureka (Elle, Penny, Ziggy, Thy, Kona, Lethologica, Daffy, Ski, etc.), so I knew them better than those who didn't and recall them faster. James and Lala killed me with a game show once. Even there though there are names I don't remember -- like the sheep-man who lived down the road. But I do remember your names, just not as well or from as far back.
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  13. Konachaan

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    Ahh, I remember the early days. Ski gave me a great deal on food. Back then you could also trade cobblestone to diamond with a particular villager which suited me very well.
    Eureka was the best time to be on the server even though it was a transitional period. Being invited to live there with the likes of Josh, Thy, the other staff and Ski was awesome.

    Besides all the others people have mentioned I’ll give a shout to Tantalised and SouthieBob too!
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  14. Graners

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    lmao u were the one who banned me
  15. Thyestefles

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    Eureka...oh man, that feels like so long ago, lol. I completely forgot the name of that place, even though I think I had some part in naming it, lol. Those were some good times.
  16. Konachaan

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    I can’t actually remember the reason and the file I kept is lost now.
    Maybe if you ask the current staff REALLY nicely they’ll look into it. Unless it was something serious like X-ray or flying.
  17. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Flying seems to be the reason o_O
  18. Ontvlambaar

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    I suppose that, if you ever get unbanned, that language needs work too.
  19. Konachaan

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    Had a look bad though old emails and can’t see a ban appeal. Not under the name ‘graners’ anyway

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