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    With the great success of the May Madness Tournament. I've decided to run a game. Tournament style! With the release of this new VanillaWorld Original game show I will run a full Round Robin Tournament! Tournament info will be here! Please see the next post to read the rules of this fun new game!

    Ok the 16 of you here are the match up and point break down. You will play 3 matches, You will earn 2 points for a win , 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. The top two in each group will move on to the "playoffs" There are no dates set at the moment as we will just do match ups if two of you are free.

    The Point Break Down
    Fort Frenzy Points.png
    Match Ups.
    Fort Frenzy Match Ups.png

    The Prizes
    First- 100 Diamonds
    Second- 50 Diamonds
    Third- 20 Diamonds
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    The Official Rules and Regulations of Fort Frenzy!
    Welcome! Your guides PrincessLala95 and jamerjamez will help you today!
    You will be given a chance to select your class. You will pick two classes, one offensive and one defensive class type. Here is a run down of the classes.
    -Lots O' Blocks- Contains 6 stacks of wool and 3 stacks of planks
    -Hot Footed- Contains 5 stacks of cobble and 4 buckets of lava
    -Thick Walled- Contains 2 Stacks of cobble 8 obsidian and 5 bedrock
    -Light Footed- Contains Speed Potion, Iron Pick and shears
    -Boom Man- Contains 3 stone picks, 16 TnT and 16 redstone torches
    -Unstoppable Force- Contains an efficiency 3 diamond pick however a slowness potion

    These classes will be kept secret in till the game begins.

    There are 3 arenas Flat grass, underwater and in the air. For the sake of example we will play on the Ground map, The sky and water levels have a 30 block height limit, the ground has a 10 block limit and you may not hide any chests under ground

    Once classes are chosen, you will choose one chest from the luck room, the contents could help, or hinder you in the game.

    There are 3 rounds in each game, each round consists of an offensive and a defensive round.
    Your goal in the defense round, is to build a fort with your materials and hide chests with your diamonds in them to keep them away from your opponent. You will be given 30 chests to hide your diamonds in, with 10 diamonds to hide each round. You must split your diamonds into at least 3 different chests and your fort must be attached to the ground solidly.
    Like so. You will get 3-5 minutes to build your fort and protect your diamonds. Any part of your defensive class you do not use you can use in this round to give some easier access to chests.
    Once time is up, you will have 100 seconds (in the offensive round) to destroy your opponents fort and look and steal diamonds. Once time is up the diamonds you collected are now your score. and the end of the round you will be given HALF of your class again and you will rebuild and re-hide your diamonds. This will happen one more time for a total of 3 rounds. The person with the most diamonds at the end of the 3 rounds wins!

    If you have any questions about the rules please ask below, also this post will be updated so read this before you play!

    Questions Answered! (and rules I missed :()
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  4. Emmetrox

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    yo sign my up

  5. Solidus

    Solidus Rawr.

    Team FOXHOUND needs to make a comeback. Who's in?
  6. Turtles_epicness

    Turtles_epicness HG Tribute

    Turts :3 If I am still invited. ^.^
  7. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    This is free-for-all, though. Sounds fun, but Xeri already has an idea, and it's.... overpowered.
  8. idontknow0000

    idontknow0000 Well-Known Member

    This guy aka IDK
  9. Solidus

    Solidus Rawr.

    Ah, we'd all have to face off against each other eventually... Screw it, I'm in.
  10. rwsender

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  11. Zadok24

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    Count me in!
  12. is it free to enter? :3
  13. jamerjamez

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    Yes 100 percent
  14. das_beef

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    sign me up!
  15. jamerjamez

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    Please Note! The Thick Walled class has had a nurf, now only baring 8 Obsidian
  16. Zadok24

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    Darn. That Thick Walled was so OP
  17. jamerjamez

    jamerjamez Games Master

    Ok So.. With the help of a few players Ive re balanced some things, will publish a revised rule and class set tommorow
  18. mrwylie

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    lol, with that bedrock, all you had to do was put 1 above each chest, and then you can no longer open the chest. :p And then you win every time!
  19. Solidus

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    Untrue, you can just break the chest from another angle. No need to open it.
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  20. mrwylie

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    Oh lol, i assumed you couldn't break the chests :p my bad

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