How not to repopulate a village

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Repomeister, Jul 27, 2017.

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    So I had a village pretty close to my base. It was a small village with about 8 villagers but 5 them were nitwits (green shirts, no trades available from them).

    So I decided to add a bunch of doors to the village so they would breed some more. All the houses without doors, I added doors to and when I went back to the village there were several more - but they were all nitwits! So now I had a good 9 or 10 nitwits wandering around and you can do nothing with them.

    So I Googled on how to kill off villagers without the rest going hostile and your iron golem attacking. The best method was to use flint and steel and set the block they are standing on on fire. So I did it and it worked! I killed off all the nitwits without making the golem or other villagers aggro. I thought I was so clever and I couldn't wait for the villagers to start breeding in cool professions so I could trade my supplies.

    But then I kept thinking I was hearing fire crackling somewhere..... I looked around and couldn't see anything but it kept getting louder! Then I smelled smoke LOL not really, but then I SAW THAT THE ROOFS OF 2 OF THE BIGGEST STRUCTURES WERE BURNING LIKE CRAZY! I had no blocks on me to pillar up and fight the fire except for the stupid glass I had to buy off the librarian to unlock his trades (4 pieces of melted sand for 1 emerald - are you CRAZY!?!?!?!). So I pillared up to the house and started putting out the fires. Almost died twice burning up but managed to save the 2 buildings - although they now have weird flattened mostly dirt roofs lol.
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    so... its not on "how to not repopulate a village" but more.. "How to burn your village down trying to kill off Nitwits."
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    My advice would be to just pour lava on them for 1 sec before picking it up. Place a block up for you to stand on so you don't get burned.
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    I love it! I have to create an anvil-dropping machine for those pesky nitwits!
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    Thats just Awesome...

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