I just wasted 12+ hours of my life!

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Repomeister, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Repomeister

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    So I spent yesterday in the nether building a wither skeleton farm. 53 blocks long by 31 blocks wide and 5 blocks high. Floors of nether brick I mined from a fortress. Ceiling of cobblestone and walls of mostly blue glass. Dug straight out of the netherrack. I was seriously injured by lava multiple times and once accidentally hit a pigman with my pickaxe and had an uprising on my hands.

    But I finally finished and it was magnificent!

    But nothing was spawning in it except for zombie pigmen. Nothing.

    So I Googled and learned that I was 100% wrong about the spawning rituals of wither skeletons - I thought they would spawn on nether brick wherever it was. But actually they only spawn inside nether fortresses regardless of whether the floor is nether brick or not.

    So there the structure sits - an empty, worthless white elephant of monumental proportion. It will sit there abandoned by all but the zombie pigmen until the end of time.
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  2. Ontvlambaar

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    Just for my own interest.. did you build it in the position where a fortress used to be?
  3. Repomeister

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    No, I just cleared a 50 x 30-ish space right where my home base nether portal opens up and hauled nether brick from a distant fortress I found. I thought that as long as the floor was nether brick the wither skeletons would spawn.
  4. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    That should be the problem.. that sucks :(

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