Is the survival world like "No Man's Sky" or actual multi-player?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Repomeister, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Repomeister

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    I was just curious - I know we are given a start point hundreds of thousands of blocks from other players and we can get to other players when they accept our tp requests. But has anyone actually run into other players just by traveling from their world spawn location?

    I started walking from my home - heading toward coordinates 0,0 just to see if I could eventually make it there and see what was there. I only made like 7,000 blocks or so before I died jumping off a mountain aiming for water below.

    But it got me wondering if the world actually had other players in it lol One good thing that came out of it - just by traveling that diagonal, I got all my biomes but 8 - all I need now are the 3 jungle, the 3 mesa plus the 2 mega-taigas!
  2. Cool_Coder

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    It is multiplayer. You can access anywhere is the world from anywhere else.

    However, you are not allowed to intentionally travel to someone else's area to steal. Plus, the server has anti-griefing, so mods can revert your area. So, no worries.
  3. Cool_Coder

    Cool_Coder Active Member

    Also, I have the biomes you need, if you would like to drop by sometime.
  4. One_EyeSabre

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    Technically, one could walk towards another players area if the co-ords are known.

    The issue is why would you do this. There are several very good reasons why VW is set-up the way it is. If you want to be involved with other players, then either ask or petition players you get along with to TP so you can be close to them without changing the area they are in. Granted, this may take awhile. On top of the fact that it takes a while ( a good long while), for people to trust you enough (especially for new players) to allow you to "stay" at a nearby place, relative to their place.
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