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Discussion in 'Game Shows' started by PrincessLala95, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. PrincessLala95

    PrincessLala95 Games Master

    James is currently without internet as he is in the process of moving. His internet will be restored Monday but he is unsure when he will resume his regular schedule as he will have to help out with work on the new house, as well as preparing to move (yes, twice in one month!) with me at the end of the month.

    He'll do everything he can to get back on and get gameshows running as much as he can, but for now you'll all have to be patient :)
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  2. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    Meanwhile, Lala can host/create some gameshows! Yes? No? Maybe? :cat:
  3. PrincessLala95

    PrincessLala95 Games Master

    Not likely, Lala's working and getting things sorted out for the move, and trying to keep myself levelheaded since I don't have the person I need most this month >_<
  4. Plaids

    Plaids Member

    Hope you guys have an easier time moving!
  5. Solidus

    Solidus Rawr.

    I miss you both already! D:
  6. Rexy

    Rexy Well-Known Member

    ^^^ Agreed! ;-;
  7. rocky_jungle

    rocky_jungle Active Member

    Well good luck, moving isn't THAT hard unless your moving halfway across the world... Like I did:p
  8. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    But..... To be fair, you didn't have to take care of any of the hard work. Didn't have to drive (or in your case, fly), didn't have to do paperwork on the house, didn't have to directly manage the transportation of the larger items, didn't have to worry much about insurance or damages. You didn't have to directly worry about the cost it would take to move and the cost required to live in the new location. In your case, you also didn't have to worry about your passports and papers that had to be done so you could move to a different country.

    Technically... because of your age, you had it easy. All you had to do was pick up boxes of stuff from your old house and take them to a spot where they were moved to another spot where you took them into the new house. There's a lot more stuff going on in the background that you're not aware of, and in about 10 years, you'll appreciate the behind-the-scenes work that was required just to make a seemingly simple move happen.

    Xeri didn't intend for this to come off as rude, but there's a lot more going on that you can see when you're young. Even moving next door is a hassle, since there's a lot of paperwork to do and money-swapping involved, while on the outside it just looks as though you move your possessions from one building to another. As they say, ignorance is bliss.
  9. KyleraRhea

    KyleraRhea Active Member

    I wish you both the best during this time - moving is sooo stressful! Having moved across country as a child and changing towns as an adult I realize the stress involved, the feelings of loss of the known and excitement at seeing the new location, new people, and new daily life. The trying to decide what to keep and what to throw away, having that final meet with old friends, and then unpacking everything and trying to establish a routine again - throw in moving in with someone (even someone you have known a long time) makes for a very hectic time.

    Take care of yourselves - you both are bright spots on the server!
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  10. idontknow0000

    idontknow0000 Well-Known Member

    Lala it's ok for you both to be offline more now off days because y'all are busy with packing and such.
  11. sugarstarz21

    sugarstarz21 Active Member

    Hey, no need to worry. I took James place in the game-show area, running sugar's trivia on a semi-often basis. It is a lot of fun hosting, I see why James likes holding these things :cat:. Not to mention, we still have puzzle box (thinks intently)
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  12. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    Only problem with the Puzzle Box is that, well.... Once you win, you've won. And it only takes one person to share all the answers and ruin everyone else's torment.
  13. rocky_jungle

    rocky_jungle Active Member

    May I just say, that wasnt rude, but I didnt sit down and have it easy, I helped all the time packing up and wrapping and packing a 40ft container. But you have a point, I did no paperwork or money things
  14. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    just remember you get to be the kid whenever you move :p lala and jamez are having their first hit of adulthood where they will need jobs, a car, bills and rent. you'll see how hard it is when it's your time :] enjoy being a kid and only having to clean and pack :p
  15. rocky_jungle

    rocky_jungle Active Member

    Ya ya :pI'm learning how to drive a car this week, on the farm, my little bit of asdult life skills lol
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  16. One_EyeSabre

    One_EyeSabre Active Member

    Moving is stressful whether you are the adult OR the kid. Having done both several times both nationally and internationally. :cool:

    I would like to share the fact that if you have the point of view of trying to enjoy it, not rushing (except when needed) and just go for accomplishing what you can and doing the best you can with what you have. Not bemoaning what could go wrong (and might ((remember Murphy is a power unto himself!))) but rather thinking of ways to get around potential hangups. I know that both James and LaLa are really smart ;) and since creative thinking is his specialty you merely have to tackle things as they come.

    (I could share several stories that could go over this, but this post isn't about me, rather me being supportive of James and LaLa!)

    Always look forward, keeping your eyes on the prize!

    p.s. I know James logged on the other night, sooo either the move is complete or he is still in between! :troll:
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  17. PrincessLala95

    PrincessLala95 Games Master

    He got his internet back yesterday afternoon, so that would explain it if he logged on last night :)
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  18. GRickards

    GRickards Member

    Need interwebs! So bored!
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  19. Well, best of luck to you!
  20. jamerjamez

    jamerjamez Games Master

    hayhay!! There's GRick, Don't have to ask Soli anymore
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