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    Hey everyone,

    As many of you know, the Mojang team presents "Snapshots", or playable sneak peeks into upcoming features.
    I will try to update this thread as frequently as I can, so make sure to follow it! Now, I present to you:
    Minecraft 1.6's Snapshots:




    New Features:
    -Coal Blocks (smelt a few more items than 9 coal individually)
    -Leads and Horse Armor now in dungeon chests
    • Horse saddle is now the same as a pig saddle, making saddles rarer (and uncraftable)
    -Hardened Clay Blocks.
    ·Hay Bales (Wheat Storage Blocks)
    Armor, Saddles, Jumping, Feeding, Breeding.
    Armor (unknown), Saddles, Feeding, Breeding.
    Slower, but have the ability to carry Chests on their saddles.
    Horses, Cats, Dogs, Iron/Snow Golems, Squid, Ocelot, Wolf, Farm Animals.
    Can be attached to certain blocks (fences confirmed).
    ·Wool Carpets (Yes!)
    ·Improved Respiration enchantment
    Allows for better vision under water.
    ·Regional Difficulty
    The longer you stay in one area, the harder/smarter nearby hostile mobs spawn.
    Enchanting improves over time the longer you're in 1 area.
    NEW INFO: (credit to vouchers)

    1. When riding something, like a mob or a boat, dismounting is only possible using the Sneak key now
    2. Donkeys are added, not just horses/mules
    3. Horse Stats:
    Sugar= 1 = no = +3% = 30s
    Wheat= 2 = yes = +3% = 1m (The only item that can be fed to a horse while riding on it.)
    Apple= 3 = no = +3% = 1m
    Bread= 7 = no = +3% = 3m
    Golden Apple= 10 = yes = +10% = 4m
    Hay Bale = 20 = no = 0% = 3m
    (Foods speed growth of baby horses. They grow in 20m and grow faster when fed. 5 apples=Fully grown, or ~21 wheat)

    15 Hearts Min
    30 Hearts Max
    2 Block Min
    5 Block Max
    Speed, measured in BPS:
    7 BPS Min
    11 BPSMax

    Horse taming:
    Horses (and the rare Mule) will spawn as passive mobs in Plains biomes. To tame them, you must right click them (they will "buck" you off). Continue getting on them every time they buck you off until hearts appear. When tamed, you can ride them without a Horse Saddle (though you cannot control them). With a horse saddle, Horses can: Sprint, Run right over 1-block heights without jumping, "charge" jump over 1.5 blocks high, and when damaged or scared, will "rear up" and possibly buck you off. Press Left Shift to dismount (sneak). You lose no hunger when riding a horse (possible bug). If you enter water more than 2 blocks deep, you will be dismounted.
    Tamed and Wild horses do not follow you, even with food in-hand. You must lasso them with a leash. If you fall in a 3-block deep moving water source, your horse can be swept downstream unless you lasso him in.
    Different breeds of horses have different traits. Some get angry and are very hard to tame. Some have extra hearts of health. Some are faster, slower, jump higher, or grow quicker.
    Breeding horses can be done multiple ways: Apples, Golden Apples, carrots, sugar, wheat and hay bales. It is unsure if certain crosses of horses have hereditary-following traits or not.
    Horse armor is all one piece. You get the armor if the horse dies, as well as a pig saddle (glitch). Make sure to contain your horses! They will wander off. Either house them in, or lasso/leash/lead them to a fencepost (maybe cobblestone wall?).
    A rare spawn. Still fairly fast. Cannot wear armor, and CAN breed with horses.
    Hay bales:
    Can be placed like logs (any direction). Easily breakable, and can be fed to horses. Nice way to store lots of wheat compactly.
    Can be attached to ANY passive-only mob (except bats). Villagers, cows, pigs, dogs, cats, ocelots, you name it. Right click the animal to leash it. You can then lead it around, or right click a fencepost to anchor it. Right click the fencepost again to de-leash, and right click the animal to get your leash back.
    Crafted like a pressure plate, fit flawlessly together. No items can be placed on top of carpet (bug?). Must have a block underneath. Can be pushed by pistons.


    Hardened Clay Blocks:
    Hay Bales:

    Horses: (Full album):

    http://i.imgur.com/YCb2eTa.png Diamond Armor, Leash.
    http://imgur.com/a/XJQgz Skeleton horses, Zombie horses and Mules
    http://imgur.com/Ab0ZbTw,wpIR7M7,4lxnx6T Iron Armor + Saddle
    http://i.imgur.com/iQ4BrPN.png Saddle Crafting
    http://i.imgur.com/iKyPmBv.png 3 types of armor
    http://i.imgur.com/ho6EMkm.png Full Armor crafting recipie

    Pack Mules:



    Edit: New snapshot! Colored Hardened clay, aesthetic changes to Lapis blocks, Charcoal, and Coal blocks, as well as bug fixes.

  2. Loganator15

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    I can't wait for the horses, gonna be so awesome. I hope they're fed with apples :D Any word if the undead horses can be tamed and ridden?
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  3. Ski_n_Longboard

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    Turns out, there are Skin Files for the undead/zombie horses, but they aren't in the game yet.
    Those pics were made by switching the "Horse" skins with the undead. Maybe in a next snapshot!
  4. Compton412

    Compton412 Member

    Yay for carpet! Haha just kidding. You can basically already make carpet. But are they making it so you can do rugs or something?
  5. Balion80

    Balion80 Active Member

    THIS. IS.AMAZING!!!!!!!
  6. Ski_n_Longboard

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    Yes! Carpet is a 1/16th-tall block, much like snow. Must be placed on top on solid blocks.
  7. Compton412

    Compton412 Member

    That will be a nice addition. We will be able to have "hard wood floors" underneath the carpet. Haha
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  8. Balion80

    Balion80 Active Member

    The snapshot was supposed to be released today but Jeb tweeted he would release it tomorrow.
  9. Ski_n_Longboard

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  10. Balion80

    Balion80 Active Member

    It's already out!?!?!?! XDDDDDD AWESOME!!!!

    xRUBBERBANDxMANx Supporter

    They are fed/tamed with apples!
  12. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    YAY! their implementing some mocreatures stuff :p id been hoping this would happen :p can't wait... its gonna take so long though!! lol

    so they will be doing 1.5.2 and so on wont they? or are they just jumping straight into 1.6?
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  13. Ski_n_Longboard

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    Anything remaining in the 1.5 release will only be for performance tweaks and bug fixing. :)

    1.6 could probably be expected some time early this summer!
  14. It sounds great but this; I want to conquer and tame my base and find hard mobs elsewhere. (MineFantasy does a good job, the really hardest mobs are only supposed appear 500+ blocks from initial spawn, so you can build up before being killed by dragons.)
  15. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    wait... your summer is my winter right? OH EARLY BIRTHDAY UPDATES FOR ME! haha
  16. Ski_n_Longboard

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    So I went in and played around... it takes ~12 apples, 6-7 golden apples, 20-24 wheat or 7 Hay Bales to fully "Mature" a baby horse.

    Horses can be bred with Apples, Carrots, wheat, bales, and gold apples.

    There is no way to remove horse armor :(

    COOL: The pure white horse, when being ridden and when the Jump if fully charged, can jump just a little more than 6.5 blocks high! :O


    ^^ Little higher than that.
    And the all black horse is fast as sh!t too.
  17. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    so the horses have permanent armour or you put it on them? its just like a pig and its saddle, cant remove that :p ahha
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  18. Ski_n_Longboard

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    I hope not! Though this is just the tip of the iceberg for Horse ideas and coding... still need sounds, behavioral tweaks, interactions with special blocks (water, hay bales, grass-->dirt).
    Lots of time to improve no doubt :)
  19. Ski_n_Longboard

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  20. TaisakuTayan

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    can't wait :D
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