Minecraft Mole!

Discussion in 'Game Shows' started by jamerjamez, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. jamerjamez

    jamerjamez Games Master


    Hello, Players
    The Game has begun and 2 of you has been executed, a victim of The Mole, 8 of you are left, Do you know who The Mole is?, Hurry quick or you could be the next victim, Be observant, win diamonds and ultimately find out, Who is The Mole?


    The Pot : 40 Diamonds
    Lost : 100 Diamonds

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  2. TheMole

    TheMole New Member

    Count me in! Muahahaha!
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  3. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    Suspicious name is suspicious.
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  4. Turtles_epicness

    Turtles_epicness HG Tribute

    TURTLES. TURTLES WANTS TO PLAY :D and if my charger gives out on me...........again, then I am sorry o.o
  5. Plaids

    Plaids Member

    Sounds Great! Cant wait
  6. jamerjamez

    jamerjamez Games Master

    hehe ok so is that a yes i wanna play from you plaids? and kona? also, this is like survivorcraft on how this will take multiple sessions to complete
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  7. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    No no I am don't want to play, I was just pointing out that I think 'TheMole' may be the mole
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  8. idontknow0000

    idontknow0000 Well-Known Member

  9. jamerjamez

    jamerjamez Games Master

    Ok I will be on later today, after school most lilkely to collect payments, lala should be on periodically throughout the day if you would like to pay her :)
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  10. PrincessLala95

    PrincessLala95 Games Master

    I can come online at any time in the next hour and 5-10 minutes, then I'm leaving for like ten minutes and then I can come on again any time for an hour and fifteen-ish minutes, so yeah, any time within the next two and a half hours people can pay me, just post on here asking me to come on. I'll refresh this page every couple of minutes.
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  11. Chevrine

    Chevrine Active Member

    Awh geez. If I were the mole, that male/female question would be a dead giveaway, ehehe;;
  12. jamerjamez

    jamerjamez Games Master

    haha I adjust the questions so there is no dead give-a-ways, are you interested on playing chev?
  13. Chevrine

    Chevrine Active Member

    I aaaammm :D I have no idea what the show is like--should I watch it first?
  14. jamerjamez

    jamerjamez Games Master

    OK just make sure lala or I get your fee, also there is an episode one of the actual show on the first thread I made just check the game show thread you will find it
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  15. jamerjamez

    jamerjamez Games Master

    Also, you will need team speak for the game show, sorry for any inconvenience
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  16. Chevrine

    Chevrine Active Member

    Okay, I'll look! Not sure when I will play today, but I'll get it to ya c:

    Will I need to speak on TeamSpeak? I'm super shy D:
  17. jamerjamez

    jamerjamez Games Master

    It be nice if you could but I wont force you, the players you will be playing with get extremely close since you are working together in the missions, so you might open up if you last in the show :)
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  18. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    Think the gender question would have to be a biological answer anyways. So... probably wouldn't be that much of a giveaway.
  19. PrincessLala95

    PrincessLala95 Games Master

    You? Shy? Hahahahaha. Oh, Chev. You're so funny <3
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  20. Chevrine

    Chevrine Active Member

    N-no, really! I'm fine in text but I always get spoken over when speaking in groups whether online or in person, and I get really overwhelmed and overstimulated and I clam up really really bad ;; I try to talk and someone else will blurt something out and it's always like that, I just go 'O-oh! U-uhm...I-I--....o-okay...' and then I shut up and get really sad. Sensory overload. You guys have probably noticed something similar from me when the chat gets really fast too ;; I hate it!

    I'm not too sure I'm comfortable with that xD;; If anything it could just be male/female/other. That would be inclusive, but wouldn't necessarily mean I'm the mole!

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