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Discussion in 'Client Mod Approvals' started by Ontvlambaar, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    I wonder why this has not been asked yet.. but then theres me to ask for you guys! ;)

    Is Schematica allowed? Schematica is a mod focussing on helping players building stuff. The mod loads .schematic files from the schematic folder it creates in your minecraft instance/directory. Schematica shows a ghostly image of the building, which can be (re)positioned. When a correct block is placed on that chunk of the ghostly image, that chunk is shown like a real block. If an incorrect block is placed there, the block will be displayed in red, you show that you might have chosen an incorrect block.

    The mod also lists the amount of resources needed to build the building.

    .schematics could be either created in single/multiplayer or downloaded from the internet.

    What this mod alters to the server: Nothing
    What this mod alters to the client: The mod reserves 3 keys, shows ghostly images and adds in a schematic gui.
    Where can I download this mod or read more about it?: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1285818-1-7-2-schematica
    Client sided or server API: Client sided
    Does it allow users to cheat?: Well, they could build better buildings than everyone..
    The mod itself doesnt allow users to cheat, so I hope/think it would be okay to use ;)
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  2. DJHoss

    DJHoss VIP

    Sound awesome for me lol;)
  3. Zadok24

    Zadok24 Active Member

    That doesn't seem fun.. :/ Its cheaty. Not giving you an advantage kind of cheaty, but then you're not building your own builds. It is like tracing instead of free hand.
  4. KiddEagle

    KiddEagle Supporter

    I have to disagree. Well, no I don't, but I can understand a situation in which I would absolutely love to have this. Let's say you build something in your single player world, try to build it again, but just can't get it quite right. There's an instance in which it helps.

    Honestly, this is just another tool. And people already "trace" designs into minecraft. I mean, you can't tell me you never looked at a minecraft circle chart. That's the same concept, this is just extended a bit. Or a lot. Either way, it isn't very cheaty, you still have to build the object to make a schematic off of, unless you download it from someone else. That's a bit cheaty.
  5. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    We'll have to think about it, don't really care for the idea that it can create a schematic of buildings already on the server.
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  6. One_EyeSabre

    One_EyeSabre Active Member

    Allow me to throw in my quarter in the machine. :greedy:

    I have used schematica for a bit. Not on this server mind you, but in single player. It only allows you to build either what someone else has done OR what you have already done. It does allow you "save" a structure to your own files to "use" again. However....

    It DOES require you to already have the materials to build the "project". :eek:

    On another level, I have already built a lot of the structures that are available at the schematica website. A lot of the buildings that are freely available (there is no such thing as yet for "paying" for structure schematics) use materials that are and can be somewhat difficult to obtain in the quantities that are needed. :facepalm: Most of the structures are more for the look than they are for regular usage. I don't mean to demean the designs of the "builders", but I'm not really a make it pretty kind of guy unless it first actually does something productive. :cool: There are some really fantastic buildings, but one good creeper and not enough light will take out the building. (Of course the same could be said for most structures, but anyway... )

    I do agree with Zadok24 that it is like tracing, but still the requirement to have the materials to even build some of the structures means that only the serious miners, axmen, metallurgists, redstone users, and collectors could even take the time to build some the REALLY FANTASTIC buildings that they may be interested in. So what it really means is that you won't be seeing a deluge of wannabe designers building some crazy designs.

    I also will add that if there are 2 players with schematica they CANNOT see the design that the other player is using to create a structure. If anything, it will encourage multi-player togetherness (I can't think what the better word would be) of working on building structures.

    One final thing; when a player logs out of MC, the schematic design is gone and would have to be reset if the structure is not finished during play. However, the schematica files are easily copied and can be traded over any type of file sharing program (skype, yahoo, email, etc) so others may use it for their own instead of relying on someone else (who MAY want to get PAID! :D)

    I hope this mod is approved so I can start using my hoards of redstone and other materials that I have been storing in my vast underground facility. :cat:
  7. empireship

    empireship Active Member

    i never really use mods but i'm gonna have to voice my support for this one. i've been having a major creative block (pun intended) for building new things at my base, mostly because i don't know how to properly plan it out. i could build a prototype in creative singleplayer, but then i just lose motivation to recreate it especially when i cannot guarantee it being right the second time. being able to build it on my own in creative then have a ghost image of what i did to build it on vw would help me immensely! (especially if i want to get into redstone builds because those youtube tutorials do nothing for me, i'm a hands-on learner u_u)
    EDIT: if i'm reading the page right it looks like this also means i can make a lil replica of my base in creative so i can mess with it there instead of banging my head against the wall and wasting resources in survival!
  8. Zadok24

    Zadok24 Active Member

    It would appear everyone is against me on this. And yes I have used a chart to help me lay out pixel circles but I have to look at a picture and build from it. This is doing everything besides the actual placing of blocks. It even tells you if you actually put the right block down. And saying "this is like tracing but requires the materials" is the same thing as saying "this is tracing but I had to bring my own pencil." Anyone can mine for materials and hoard them. Builders pride themselves at being able to build what they imagine and using their blocks to make it a reality. This makes good builders obsolete if anyone can build. And remember that you can download worlds off the internet, put them in creative world, copy them, and then put them on the server. It won't be just your builds or friend's builds.
  9. One_EyeSabre

    One_EyeSabre Active Member

    I wouldn't say that I'm against you Zadok. I am always mightily impressed by what others can and do build on their own. How a person is creative is what makes them very superior artistically to what others do by copying! (The music industry is somewhat of an example of people that are actually artistic versus those that "copy" others type of music ((not that I'm a judge by any means, but merely using a relative example))).

    If you were able to look at the places that some of the players on this server have made, you would see a very BIG stretch of differences in how people both create and build the things that they see and want in their areas. After all, youtube has video's for making everything under the sun (and some that weren't). But when it comes to employing the actual design, it changes due to "creative" constraints. In a lot of ways, that why most designs tend to be fairly simple so that the copy method employed is easier for users to employ.

    I am not trying to make your point irrelevant or shortchange your opinion in any way. But would like to point out why the other 90% (noncreative people) would like to at least feel good in some way when they "compete" as it were for how good or bad their builds are. After all, a truly creative person on this server will always be praised for their work. There are several forums that have pics to show their work. Even though I have done several builds in single player, I would feel that I'm cheating if I showed those pics on the forums. (Especially since there are numerous ways to build on SP and I haven't built them on the server.) Show me pics of what a person has done on SP and I will barely glance at them if at all. Show me pics in the forums, (and maybe an offer to take a look see ((not required))) and I will be mightily impressed.

    Don't fear the inability of the masses to copy something, but rather fear the creative block that the inspired get from time to time. Ask some of the creative on this server if they feel appreciated for their artistry and I think that they will say that they do!
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  10. KiddEagle

    KiddEagle Supporter

    Actually, One_EyeSabre, you said something that really intrigued me when you mentioned the schematic files being shared via Skype to allow someone to get help with a project. That's a very good point, because I've done a bit of "contracting" on the server, building things for other people and such, and communication is always the biggest problem, so if someone could just show me exactly what they wanted me to build, things would go much more quickly and efficiently.
  11. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    Zadok, while Xeri does completely understand where you're coming from when it comes to copying someone else's blueprints (since Xeri does admittedly feel varying levels of disgust when seeing redstone builds that are copied block for block from Youtube videos), Xeri has little skill when it comes to aesthetically-pleasing builds.

    In fact, the only thing Xeri built on this server that is just for looks and no practical purpose is a guard tower that Xeri will shamelessly admit that Xeri copied from a picture Xeri saw on Google. Didn't use the same blocks, but used the same design. Nevertheless, after Xeri completed it, Xeri was exceptionally pleased with how it turned out. Xeri won't champion it as Xeri's masterpiece, of course, since it wasn't Xeri's design, but it's better than having a rickety-looking outpost that may be such an eyesore that Xeri would just remove it. Something decent designed by someone else is better than nothing. Besides, many people can use that as a learning process. Ever watch the movie Forbidden Kingdom? "Learn it all, forget it all. Learn the way and find your own way."

    Of course.... Xeri's example was just a small-scale copy. You probably have in mind much larger builds that you're concerned that people could claim credit for. But think of how foolish said player would seem once others realize that he or she is trying to claim credit for someone else's design? Their loss.
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  12. Zadok24

    Zadok24 Active Member

    And we can't forget that this is Vanilla World and many other mods have been denied simply for the fact that they are not Vanilla Minecraft. So, is this Vanilla? That will be Thy's choice I guess.
  13. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    It's not that mods are denied simply for being 'not vanilla'. It's because they take away from the vanilla experience. For example, our plugins for waypoints, nofalldamage, nohungerdamage, lockette, and /home are all very non-vanilla. But they're there to prevent hinder griefers and give players a reason to donate to help fund the server. They don't take too much away from the vanilla experience. Then some allowed mods - MineLittlePony, for example - is a client-side mod, where only the player who has it installed can see its effects, while all other players continue to play normally, just like a texture pack.

    This schematica mod also doesn't take anything away from the vanilla experience. It just gives players something they can trace over and copy. It's not -too- gamechanging, but its uses are a bit..... iffy. Xeri would say this would be something like Rei's Minimap - useful, somewhat gamechanging, and somewhat non-vanilla. That's why Xeri hasn't made a call on whether this mod is or is not allowed. Leaving this decision to Thy.
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  14. KiddEagle

    KiddEagle Supporter

    Quick comment here, though you're perfectly entitled to speak the way you wish, the repetitiveness of seeing "Xeri" every sentence or so may be helped with a few choice third-person pronouns.
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  15. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    :funny: Xeri Xeri Xeri Xeri *splode!*

  16. empireship

    empireship Active Member

    Xeri does as Xeri pleases!
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  17. VariousFelonies

    VariousFelonies Active Member

    Xeri is kinda like the word Buffalo, you can make whole sentences out of it.

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
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  18. Solidus

    Solidus Rawr.

    I can't have been the only one that audibly said that whole sentence.
  19. KiddEagle

    KiddEagle Supporter

    So what exactly does "xeri" mean as a verb, then? Would "to xeri" be synonymous with "to moderate" or is it something else? :p
  20. VariousFelonies

    VariousFelonies Active Member

    "xeri" (ze-rye)
    - to speak in the third person, To exhibit signs and signals of a desire to communicate using the Third-person mode of English.

    - A moderator and active trading member of the Vanillaworld Minecraft Server

    - indicative of the usage of a word in a third-person perspective.

    Latin "Xerianus" meaning to refer to oneself in an alternate method.

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