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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugs' started by LurknessMonster, Mar 25, 2018.

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    To Whom It May Concern,

    For whatever reasons the current staff have not been able to be as active as they were in the past and the lack of moderators on this server is disheartening. Today alone three individuals harassed the chat for an hour while other players remained helpless to do anything but take screenshots in hopes that the perpetrators would be banned at a later time. Then there is the need for help setting homes. New players are told to /modreq sethome and wait.

    This server has been around for several years now and has many wonderful members that have been playing for a long time. I've seen several trustworthy individuals express interest in stepping up to lend a hand so why not let them?
  2. Ontvlambaar

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    Yea sorry, I tried to catch 7 hours of sleep tonight (didn't quite work out, but I tried). I woke up to some screenshots and banned them immediately.
    I'm online on a daily basis. People often have to wait a maximum of 8 hours (while I sleep) before their homes are set. We have just received another moderator, which brings the current amount of staff to 2 in Europe and 3 (including Thy) in Northern America. We should be able to cope with most issues with the staff we have.

    Not backfiring your idea, but your post makes it seem like we have some incompetent staff, which is not the case. I'm normally online for over 12 hours a day, even though I have work and uni to attend to too.
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    Unless you've been in their shoes, done some kind of moderating or admin work for a successful server, you'll have no idea just how strenuous and stressful such a role can be, especially as they have their own lives away from the computer. There's no need for a dozen moderators, or even half that, there is, however, a need for patience. If you can't wait, turn your HUD/chatbox off. Barring that, step away from the computer or ignore the problem: you can't do anything about them, and feeding them attention only makes it worse.
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  4. Thyestefles

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    Moderating is a lot more complicated than everyone seems to understand. That's actually something I am currently working with the current staff on making sure is being done in line with the methods we used to use.

    New players don't typically need their home set right away either. As soon as someone does /start, their home is automatically set. Getting your home set is never really an immediate need. If someone traveled far away from their starting point, all they have to do is make a bed and lay in it at night. That will prevent them from losing the area in the event of death, until a homeset is done. Unless something changed with beds and setting a deathspawn.
  5. Thyestefles

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    It's impossible to ensure 24/7 coverage for moderating which is why we have the reporting thread. There's also the simple fact that it takes a lot of time and training to have a new moderator. It isn't as simple as looking at the rules and just issuing a kick/ban. It is a completely different mindset and community that is separate from the playerbase which takes time for someone to become familiar with and adjust to.

    Every mod has their own judgement and personality, which is evident in the way they enforce the rules and interact with the playerbase in general. It is not black and white, one mod may handle something a little differently than another. There is nothing wrong with that, however, there is a general mindset and direction that each individual personality needs to fit in with and pursue in order for VW to have any kind of coherent future.

    If it was as basic as everything being done in exact and set ways, I would just have a bit of code to do everything :p
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    Ban them all!


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