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Discussion in 'Game Shows' started by jamerjamez, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. jamerjamez

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    Hello all! Wow its been a long time and I see new faces on the forums and a lot of old ones witch is awesome! Anyways... for those who don't know me my name is jamerjamez and I am one of the two Gamesmasters here at VanillaWorld and for the past two months-ish I have been (for lack of a better term) AFK but my return to Vanilla World is right around the corner.

    The Reason for my absence is well... Life... Since my absence I have moved from Ontario to Alberta, thousands of miles/kilometres, and well started over. Have a job and am no longer in high school, you know bills and work and all those adult type things you know the stuff that makes Thy bald, anyways I've been itching to get back on but I just could not, as I needed to get settled, but we are now! Boy do I have plans, although there is GOOD and BAD news regarding game shows. I know this will suck for some of you but I think overall this will be a good thing.

    First things first, If you look on how many game shows I have its a lot, and right now more than I can handle, so I am going to be putting shows on hiatus in till I have time to run more, this could be for a month, a year or indefinite I honestly do not know. However there are shows I love too much not to do. Here is a list of shows I plan on running in the next few weeks that are not going anywhere.

    Fear Factor
    101 Ways to leave a Gameshow

    Now, this list can change, and don't expect any survivorcraft in a week.
    as for SurvivorCraft: Skyblocks I am with great regret cancelling the show, for many reasons one being two of the shows contestants are now banned.

    Now I do have TWO NEW game shows planed on coming out soon and one much later now I ow you some info on these since I've been gone,
    The 1st new show will be Minecraft Ninja Warrior , based on America's Ninja Warrior, it is a parkour game show, go ahead and look it up on google, it will be just that, I wont stray from it too much.

    Now the other is a big undertaking and I mean HUGE now I can't divulge to much on this but it will be a reality game show based on a story, a plot, being written by PrincessLala, now I will need help for this meaning BUILDERS! 1 or 2 of them, if you are interested please give me a PM!

    So there's my ramble, to sum it up Ill be back very shortly! The above 6 game shows will stay the others will now be on hiatus in-till further notice, I am looking forward to seeing new and old faces alike. I hope I haven't been gone to long and I miss you guys, feel free to talk to me here. I look forward to chatting.

    See you all on-line!

    ps. Hey soli! Where's GRick?
  2. Bluntboner

    Bluntboner Supporter


    Love ya James :)
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  3. nikfan

    nikfan Active Member

    Welcome back, bro :D Good to see you here again
  4. Sonic_Th_Mighty

    Sonic_Th_Mighty Active Member

    Welcome Back, Can't Wait Till The Game Shows Get Up And Running :)
    Welcome JamerJamez :p
  5. peachesm

    peachesm Member

    Ok so I pretty much joined the server like umm a little bit right before you had to take leave. I hear your game shows are really fun. I must say, I'm excited to see for myself.

    Btw, Welcome back!
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  6. Turtles_epicness

    Turtles_epicness HG Tribute

    o . o hehehe......makes Thy bald.. hehehe cx. Welcome back..ish...
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  7. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Welcome back, thought you guys might have left us :)
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  8. rocky_jungle

    rocky_jungle Active Member

    Welcome back, have fun in the big world :D

    Ps, will we be refunded?
  9. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    i hear you have a lotto to draw still jamez, quite a few people have brought it up now you have returned xD
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  10. narutotrollin

    narutotrollin New Member

    Hello I'm new and heard that your game shows are fun so I will be looking forward for them
  11. GRickards

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    Great... Now I just have to work on getting back to vanillaworld... This "no internet" thing sucks really bad. I am soooooo bored. Plus I miss all my friends on there. I miss making fun of Jamez and talking with people on TS... I shall return soon though. Perhaps another month or two. I plan on moving out of the situation... Err... House I'm in now, and then I can actually start playing again. Until then, I miss you all.
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  12. Solidus

    Solidus Rawr.

    GRickards, don't come in here spewing awful lies like that. ...You don't have friends. :p
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  13. GRickards

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    Jerk... :,(
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  14. Turtles_epicness

    Turtles_epicness HG Tribute

    ;~; Grickkkkkkkkk, I missedd youu
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  15. Solidus

    Solidus Rawr.


    Sorry for CAPS. :cool:
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  16. Konachaan

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    Ban him.
    Soli I mean. Not James.
    We all love James :)
    Except Soli.
    And me.
    Sorry James.
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