PinkRose is what happens when you let the kids name you

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    This is also how the dogs got the names Binkers and Cinimini. RIP.

    My 6 yr old daughter started playing MC a year ago.
    I had to get involved to answer the constant, "How do I do . . ."
    We built a village together in single player. Then I found [a server] for her as a multiplayer experience. I found VW as a possible survival experience for her, but she is not old enough IMO. I like how this server is run. I kicked my DD off this account because I enjoy my build here and don't want to share yet with her.

    I am trying to get a handle on red stoning which I find micro farming a good starting place for this.

    Other games I sometimes play are on Xbox one, Fallout, PVZ

    Oh yeah. Sometimes I fly, we are an aviation family. :cool:
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    Welcome!!! we have a few mc families playing on this server! Great to see another, wont be long before she's out building us all xD
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