Repo-Carnival Tours to the Deep End now available

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    Are you a newer player who is missing out on some of the best loot and advancements the game has to offer? Does the thought of raiding an End Ship to snap up the elusive Elytra seem like an impossible dream?
    Do you wonder how you will ever have the chance to slay the wiley Shulker?
    Does it feel like you will never obtain the "The End", "The City at the End of the Game", "Sky's the Limit" or "Great View From Up Here" advancements?

    Well let not your heart be troubled for Repo-Carnival Tours is now offering a new day-trip excursion package: Deep End Safari!

    When you sign up to join the Repo-Carnival Deep End Safari tour you will be guaranteed the opportunity for all the advancements listed above! You are *guaranteed* to be the first adventurer to enter an End City that contains a completely fresh and unsullied End Ship - complete with Elytra, 2 treasure chests and 3 shulkers to defeat in battle. Keep all the shulker shells! Craft your own shulker box when you get back to base!

    The cruise contains the following:
    • 1 TPA to RepoMeister in the Deep End outside an un-looted End City with End Ship
    • 1 Experienced Minecraft player (again, RepoMeister) to recover your loot and hold your teleport place for 1 death or 15 minutes - whichever comes first
    • On-the-spot tutoring explaining the best strategies for each part of the End City you encounter
    • A full stack of Ender Pearls
    • Expert guidance on the best places to try for the "Great view from up here" advancement
    • A full set of Enchanted Diamond Armor (enchantments will vary - you take what you get)
    • A "God Bow" with Power 5, Punch 2, Flame, Unbreaking 3 and Mending

    (Note that if the game glitches or you are unable to trigger the advancements, it is not the responsibility of Repo-Carnival tours. The tour is offering you the opportunity for said advancements)

    At the end of this safari, the Minecraft adventurer with a little determination and a cursory level of adequacy with their weapons will come away with enough shulker shells to make at least 1 box, an elytra and any advancements they were able to snag from the list above.

    With the armor I provide, Ender Pearls and the God Bow that comes with this package you can expect to survive this without dying.

    With good armor the shulkers in the end literally can't hurt you fast enough to die. You can eat bread and regain health faster than the shulkers can hurt you.

    With the God Bow, you shoot the shulkers twice and they die. And by using a bow from a distance, they won't teleport away before you can kill them.

    Your only real danger is falling - and that is what the ender pearls are for. Keep them on your hot bar.
    So what will this unique and thrilling experience cost? Only 30 diamonds! That is right. Only 30 diamonds.

    Hope to see you in the End soon!
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  2. Konachaan

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    Sign me up!! I didn’t get an elytra yet and besides, this sounds like good fun :D
  3. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    I offer you 10 diamonds!
  4. The_True_Morty

    The_True_Morty New Member

    I offer a cookie!
  5. Toaster

    Toaster Active Member

    Toaster offers you a stick.
  6. Repomeister

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    Kona - you don't have an elytra yet?!?! Oh yes, you need to go on this safari. Let me know when - I have a wp set at the unlooted End city!
  7. Repomeister

    Repomeister Member

    A stick, a cookie, 10 diamonds. Meh, double-meh and I am deeply offended, sir!
  8. Toaster

    Toaster Active Member

    I never did hold much value in diamonds.

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