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Discussion in 'Server News & Announcements' started by Thyestefles, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    The Report Players forum has now been made private. You are still able to report players just like before, however, you will not be able to see threads created by anyone other than yourself.

    This not only adds a level of privacy, which was totally lacking before, it also prevents a lot of issues that were being created by everything being visible. There should be no more bickering on the report forums and players no longer need to be "afraid" to report someone because everyone would know they did it.

    The only people who can see all the threads are members of the moderating staff. This added level of privacy should help in getting accurate reports and keeping the forum a bit more civil.
  2. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    So.... now it's preferred that we -do- put the name in the title because of this change? Or....?
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  3. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Either way works. As long as we don't have to hunt through the screenshots and figure out who is breaking the rules.

    It just makes it easier for us to handle.
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  4. jamerjamez

    jamerjamez Games Master

    Thank goodness, maybe this can calm the server down a bit.
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  5. mrwylie

    mrwylie Well-Known Member

    Great change I think :)
  6. rwsender

    rwsender Well-Known Member

    might get a bit hectic with multiple reports, but if it stops world war 3 then its all good i suppose :)
  7. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    Only downside Xeri can see is a flood of reports from different people on the same person.
  8. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    We already got that all the time...
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  9. antony_cathles

    antony_cathles Moderator Staff Member

    Fantastic Idea. I think this will stop prejudiced where it is not due.
  10. Blox709

    Blox709 Member

    Awww.... I sorta enjoyed reading those reports.... Oh well
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  11. Yeah I also enjoyed going through the reports and seeing what crazyness I messed while offline lol oh well x)
  12. rwsender

    rwsender Well-Known Member

    the reports are supposed to be serious, Its supposed to be informative not for entertainment, that sorta caused arguments in some cases
  13. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Yea, I've put some thought into it and I would prefer if people would put the name of the person/people being reported in the title. It will make it a little easier for us in the event of multiple report threads.

    It isn't mandatory, it would just be nice :)
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  14. idontknow0000

    idontknow0000 Well-Known Member

    Will this block people from seeing the forum in the recent forums section too?
  15. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    That's what Xeri's been doing since the change. :cat: Since there's no risk of public name&shame, and it makes it easier for the mods to weed out players have already been dealt with if there are multiple reports.
  16. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Yes, it does.
  17. Blox709

    Blox709 Member

    Ik I was just typing my thoughts...

    Anyway how am I supposed to give Xeriana the credit she deserves when I can't see who she reported. But either way point taken Rwsender

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