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  1. Thyestefles

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    As of today, donation tiers have been removed and the Supporter and VIP ranks have been restored to their previous workings. Personally, I have always felt that this system was much more fair. I don't believe I overlooked anything while restoring the code to the way it was, however, if any issues arise, please send me a message detailing the issue and I will get it remedied as soon as I can.

    You may have also noticed the available portal for CTW has been closed. This is due to an issue I came across after releasing the new map that I had made. It appears that everyone is always invisible to eachother, making the PvP and whole point of the server moot. The plugin has been discontinued and there doesn't appear to be a comparable one available that is updated for 1.8 so, I will be working on trying to code the plugin myself using the discontinued one as a baseline. It seems like a game that I would quite enjoy so, if I manage to get it up and running, I hope that you guys will too.

    It may not seem very vanilla but, our survival server will remain the way it is keeping us true to our name. I am attempting to increase our offerings to make us appealing again, players seem to largely be getting bored with survival in general and I think offering more will help us continue our operation while increasing the overall size of our community again.

    Thank you for continuing to support VW :)
  2. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Those of you that have donations for the colored names, essentially supporter or VIP, will find that you have effectively become Supporter or VIP until the color wears off, 30 days from donation. I did not restore Supporter to being lifetime, I believe I changed that to monthly as well at some point. I may consider changing it back to lifetime or perhaps just lowering the price some. The issue here is having a system of continued donations again to ensure the server bills can be paid as they used to. I personally pay a large part of the bills myself at this time and even though I do have a decent paying job, I have lots of my own bills, especially with cold weather increasing utility bills, making it harder to continue doing so.

    If you think I am simply trying to be greedy, I know some probably will, remember, we are on a very powerful DDoS protected server and also have our website hosted through another host also with DDoS protection. We are definitely not on one of the basic servers that run something like $50, ours is actually a custom option from our host that is not normally offered. I would prefer not to downgrade to one of those pitiful servers, most likely using some cheap control panel and based on a Windows OS. Nah, I much prefer to host VW on a powerful server so we have room to expand and offer more.
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    I'm not bored with survival, been playing 1.9 snapshots in SSP and look forward to playing 1.9 online (hopefully on VanillaWorld) when it's released. PVE player, I don't do PVP, I don't do mods. :)
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    I wanted to forward this.
  5. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    That's nice, if they finally decide to take action, we will probably have to shut down as the bills quite simply got paid using PayPal credit when donation teirs were in effect. The mention that large server networks are in compliance is a flat out lie, all the big ones I've looked at are not in compliance at all
  6. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    I read some responses regarding servers that are in compliance, but most of the servers that are currently being displayed in the top-server lists are not. How is Mojang going to enforce this anyways? Have lawsuits going through all servers?
  7. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    The EULA didn't actually change anyway, they just changed the words a little. It's all the same as the original EULA except they actually allow more now. They never enforced the original but hey, if they want to kill their game now, that's their right
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    Linux for the win!
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    Yay! They've been restored! Will have to renew :D
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