Rule Violations and How to Handle Them.

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    Rawr, everyone!

    Vanilla World is a great place full of great people, but not everyone gets an opportunity to fully experience that. We've frequently received new players that may not have fully comprehended the rules (or taken the time to read them), and they subsequently get warned, kicked, or banned. But at the end of the day, banning players is the last thing we want to do. VW is successful and enjoyable because of its community, because of the friends and connections we've made. And ultimately, we want to welcome more people to our family.

    Now, I'll be the first to admit that I've made bans out to be glorious things on global chat. I'm at fault for inadvertently sending the message that bans are what we actually want to see, but that was really just an ongoing joke; a false persona of who I really am. I like to see justice dispensed and obvious trolls removed, but more than anything else, we all just want to see new players log on, follow the rules, and have fun.

    That said, I'd like to urge everyone to remember our priorities here on VW:
    We don't want players removed; we want everyone to follow the rules.

    If someone curses, we don't have to berate them. We don't have to insult them or argue it with them. Instead, we should implore them to read the rules at spawn and remind them that what they're doing isn't allowed. If it persists, then file a report in the Report Players forum with screenshots. I've seen people drifting away from using it lately, and it's a very valuable asset that the staff check very frequently.

    If someone's breaking a more serious rule like flying or using speed hacks, again, follow the same procedure. Let them know that it's not allowed here, and pass on the information to a staff member so we can follow up and ensure that they chose to respect our rules.

    I urge you to pass this message on to your non-forum-visiting friends, so we can grow our family of players, instead of driving newcomers away. I apologize for any part I may have played in sending the wrong message, and hope we can change how we handle these matters in the future.

    Chewing on the wires,
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    All Hail the Fox!
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  3. Cool_Coder

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    I think that in the past, we've been to harsh. We should ALWAYS warn at least once for any violation before banning. That would likely keep a lot more players on this server.
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  4. Toaster

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    I'd like to agree on that. That being said, if said offender pretends to be ignorant, then they need to go.
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  5. Wuzzleflump

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    There have been a few cases when someone has broken a rule and the people online at the time try to tell them what they did wrong and encourage that person to read the rules, which is fine. However, I have witnessed a few occasions when the new player makes a comment on how silly that rule is or something along the lines then a veteran player starts to argue with them*. Sometimes it causes the new player to go on a string of rule breaks resulting in them getting banned...

    Long story short, when us players spot someone breaking the rules we should do our best to tell help them without adding to the problem.

    *(In all fairness I am sure I am even guilty of doing this once or twice in the past.)
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  6. _Kyra_

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    So, if we're admitting to being too strict... then would it be possible to unban people who were banned years ago before Thy was even the owner if they send in a new ban appeal?
  7. Solidus

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    Possibly. The case would have to be reviewed, but we've already unbanned some folks from quite some time ago. Ask them to send in a ban appeal, but address it to me (select me as the banning moderator) and I'll talk it over with the rest of the staff.
  8. _Kyra_

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    Okay, thanks.
  9. _Kyra_

    _Kyra_ Member

    Wait... where do they make/submit a ban appeal?
  10. Solidus

    Solidus Rawr.

    When they try to log onto the server, they'll be redirected to a link that will allow them to file a ban appeal.

    It's also here:
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