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Discussion in 'Server News & Announcements' started by Thyestefles, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    With our need for active staff members and the recent resignations by a few of our staff, we are opening up mod applications again.

    If you think you can handle the duties of the Moderator rank, feel free to send in an application at

    Keep in mind that Moderating duties take precedence over personal tasks. This can change your gameplay a good bit as you may be in the middle of a build and have to drop what you are doing to set someone's home or investigate/resolve an issue.

    We will be accepting applications until someone is chosen.
  2. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    If you have previously sent in an application, send in another one. I have discarded the old ones to make sure someone that is still active/interested is chosen.

    xRUBBERBANDxMANx Supporter

    Hope it's a nice mod :D
  4. rejas

    rejas Active Member

    nice to get some new staff and when will we know who the new staff is? and how will they know if they

    become? just a question
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  5. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    The player(s) selected for mod will probably be notified ingame or through a forum message, and players ingame will know when the mods selected turn green ingame. That's how it was last time, anyways, at least.... for the latter part of it.
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  6. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Yes, those selected will be notified through the forums.

    We will most likely be selecting two, if good candidates are available, and re-opening apps again a week or two after we are confident that they have been trained and are able to perform the duties with minimal questions.

    I want a nice full staff of moderators available, if we have multiples online at times, that is perfect. I just don't want to have the current staff trying to train too many people at once :)
  7. rocky_jungle

    rocky_jungle Active Member

    All seems fair, let the VW mod games BEGIN
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  8. rejas

    rejas Active Member

    another quick question when will they know this or isnt that determined yet?
  9. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    i refer you to this answer :]
  10. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    We usually leave the apps open for at least a week or two before selecting anyone. I also tend to try and get the new mods started around a time that I have a day or two off. I like to be available when we have new mods starting.
  11. rejas

    rejas Active Member

    ok thanks for letting me know thy
  12. Giga419

    Giga419 Member

    Awesome, great to see the opportunity has arrived again!

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