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    To be quite honest, due to the lack of popularity for skyblocks, the server seems quite neglected. Since the server went down for several months and came back up with months of progress lost, I lost my motivation to play on Survival where I had lost a large amount of progess. Instead, lately I have often been playing on Skyblocks, but I feel it is seriously lacking. However, there are some things that I think would improve it if they are taken into consideration:
    1. Create a new spawn or improve the current one
    2. Get the shop working again at spawn
    3. add witch spawn eggs to possible eggs found on a new island
    4. add ways to get some of the neat new blocks on minecraft (either in the shop, or some other creative way)
    5. Add ways to get acacia and dark oak saplings
    6. Allow access to the End so players can collect some of the new blocks from it, or at least add the chorus flowers to the shop or something
    7. Possible community or shop area for Skyblocks so people can exchange/sell blocks somewhere even if there is no one else online (people may play at different times/ time zones)

    I understand part of why it is the way it is, is because it's supposed to be mostly vanilla, but skyblocks itself is already not vanilla minecraft, so why not add things to make it more interesting?

    Thank you for your time and consideration

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