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Discussion in 'Survival' started by CommunityArea, Nov 25, 2015.

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    This isn't where this goes... He has a profile, I'm sure you can dm him or This Forums page would be better suited for the question.
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    Lord there is so much planned for the halloween area, so Ont knows it needs more, and it will be worked on whenever he isn't at Uni
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    Servers fine.. leave it alone! Dam hippies!
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    The survival side will stay the same. Everything will stay vanilla.
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    Says the one with a hippy bus parked outside his castle?


    And dont pretend it isn't yours.. it has your name on it!
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    Two years have passed since we created today's Community Area. We have achieved a lot in these two years. Massive builds have arrived, people have been creating their shops and helping out in the towns. We're certainly not done here, but here's a video showing some things in the Main Area!

    More videos will follow for each town individually. Make sure to get rid of all the garbage before the camera team stops by!
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    Changes changes changes!

    A looong while ago, I placed a wall with the request to vote for a shopping area redesign. Most of you were enthusiast about that. I'm still willing to do that, but I've come up with an alternative.
    GoodtimesWithScar mentioned "Community Area" in one of his videos(16:25).

    It's like that underground area is made for us. So here's the deal. Cast your votes in this thread on the following:
    Do we want a redesigned shopping area or a 1:1 replica of the underground shopping area that Scar was showing off?
    If the latter, I will wait until the release of the hermitcraft 5 world (should be around the end of the season), and then fully recreate it for you all to build your shops in :)

    Then, a little announcement for the modern area. I've added an example office building recently. Sammie is now mayor of the area and has taken a seat in the town hall there. I hope to see a lot of new builds arrive soon, but Sammie cant do this alone. If you have anything to add to the modern area, please contact Sammie (or me if you cant find her). We still have several shops with respective logos to build!

    Last, but surely not least, is that we have reclaimed Rocky's area for the Community. Rocky has found an area outside the Community to live. We're overhauling everything, adding new farms etc. Stay tuned for more!
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    Adding to Ont's Changes news.

    For the Modern Area as the mayor :p I think we need shops/buildings built, like a bakery, flower shop, little cafe, pet store, hotel, B+B (Bed and breakfast - Smaller than a hotel, normally just like 1 or 2 rooms for guests) Toy shop, Big department store, for sure a park, that we can build a skating rink in, and a big Christmas tree for the holidays (British girl getting that New York Vibe - sorry), outside car park lot.. Lots of ideas, but as Ont said I can't do it alone, I can barely do it myself, I'm great at decoration and making blocks fit in nice styles, but I sometimes lack in building, thought I will try. :)

    If you want to contact me: here or on discord (Regal Sammie) or even in game :)
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    Some screenshots I made today in the area.
    2018-01-15_11.20.48.png 2018-01-15_11.28.18.png 2018-01-15_11.24.22.png
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