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Discussion in 'Survival' started by CommunityArea, Nov 25, 2015.

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    I'm thinking of designing a library/museum for the CA. If anyone has any artifacts or books they would like to donate, let me know! If you are donating an item that has meaning, please include a book that describes its significance. For example, there used to be this player who would name cookies "sugar cookies" and hand them out to everyone. She hasn't been on the server in at least a couple of years. I am going to include one of her cookies in the museum and put the book describing where it came from underneath.
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    I know I'm a total flake and never rejoined after the purge, but I'd still be interested in visiting and being a tourist! Actually having a house somewhere would be nice too. Ya'll put too much work into this for it to die out!

    In fact, reapplying now. lol. Wish me luck!
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    Well the redesign is already done, it's just moving it over to the server itself, which I am working on bit by bit :)
    But thanks :)
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    I'm improving everything that we have so far on my design server and will be posting renders of the retouched areas on Planet Minecraft to promote the server.

    Feel free to recreate the reworks on the server. Beside some custom heads, everything can be replicated on VW.

    Khayr now has its own PMC page:
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