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Discussion in 'Survival' started by CommunityArea, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    Greetings (wannabe) adventurers!

    I, in the name of the CA advisors, have a task for you to fulfill. It's your chance of going on an adventure, yay!
    For a upcoming event, we're looking for a mega taiga in the Community. You know, one of those places with podzol on the ground, and in a rare occurrence, wolves spawning here and there. If you happen to come across this biome while wandering in our lovely area, please share its location with either Loyjanna, Sammie_gaga or me. Or all of us.

    We love you,
    In the name of the rebellion,
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  2. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    Greetings citizens,

    It has come to my attention that Sammie_gaga is the big winner of our hunt for a mega Taiga. We will update you with information regarding our mission there later.

    For now I have news for you. Kn1gh7h4wk (from now on referred to as 174), Sammie and I have been working on redoing modern. The roads need to be redone before we can start working on the rest of the area. 174 wants our road sections 5 wide, whereas I was thinking about making them 3 wide. That was until I saw that most vehicle designs look best when the vehicles are 4 wide (or bigger).

    The location where we have the shops at now, will be our slums. Oaklane street is the street name for where we have that barbershop. Because slums are often referred to as "across the tracks", we thought it would be funny to seperate the slums from the area where the fire department is. The railtracks run around the slums, so the roads to the slums area intersect the railroad twice.

    The railroad will not be a minecraft railtrack. It will be made to look like an actual railway, with trains and stations and stuff.

    In the modern city itself, we'll be creating trams, skyscrapers, apartments, hotels. Basically everything you think of when thinking of the word "city".
    I recall someone offering to make a military base. Sounds like an idea to make that near the modern city.

    We have a metro tunnel from the main area (event destrict), running into modern. Because of the zoo's location, we will be building a bridge from modern to the zoo (parking lot). The bridge will be absolutely yuge.

    If anyone has ideas, reply below. And ideas are fake news until we prove otherwise, so let's build.

    Into the sunset, cowboy!
    Much love,
    CA Advisors

    (I wrote this without sammie's and Loys consent, dont kill me)
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  3. Sammie_gaga

    Sammie_gaga Moderator

    I don't remember saying I'll be helping :p But I guess I will! :D
    And I'm going to try finish the metro tunnel, should I bring up a station by the Zoo?
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  4. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    Sounds like a plan!
  5. PandaGOD82

    PandaGOD82 New Member

    I filled the form, but i dont know if applications are open at the moment
  6. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

    So much stuff to do. I say we take a break and CA and work on Olarion.
  7. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

  8. Sammie_gaga

    Sammie_gaga Moderator

    Pass Lord, we're not your slaves for your city of cover the water... :p
  9. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

  10. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    The future is bright for the modern area in the Community. The town that was officially owned by @BudderBacca247, is getting a full make-over. As Budder is inactive, we're still looking for a replacement mayor for the town. @kn1gh7h4wk, @Lord_Imperialis or @Sammie_gaga maybe?

    Progress pics:
    2017-09-03_14.43.44.png The gas station with the fire station in the background. The right part of the image will be made into a shop where you pay for your gas :p

    2017-09-03_14.43.15.png The fire station with the new fire truck in front of it. The fire station is being redecorated. The roads are designed by @kn1gh7h4wk - they look awesome!

    2017-09-03_14.46.15.png Meanwhile, train and tram tracks are being built. I woke up seeing this nice passenger train this morning. Nice work @Lord_Imperialis !
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  11. Sammie_gaga

    Sammie_gaga Moderator

    I volunteer as Mayor!
    It would be a great Honour to be your Mayor
    and The Queen!
  12. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

    I volunteer if possible still, just to see how well I do against Sammie
  13. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    Sorry Lord, we're only looking for people who have played an active role in the construction of the modern area.
  14. Footrott_Flats

    Footrott_Flats Active Member

    I vote for sammie! shes a Mayor Queen.. get it .. Mayor. Major.. Queen. as in B%^&*. as in pain in the 'queen'.
    (I had to explain that otherwise Sammie wouldnt have gotten it)

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  15. Asmeroas

    Asmeroas Member

    I know I'm completely uninvolved in the community area (and borderline inactive in general), but can I just say Mayor Queen has the best ring to it?

    Whoever gets the role should get that title. Just saying. Regardless. :cat:
  16. Sammie_gaga

    Sammie_gaga Moderator

    OMG Did you just openly call me a bitch?
    If I get Mayor, I ban foot from the city! Rude
    Only I can call myself a bitch!
  17. Lord_Imperialis

    Lord_Imperialis New Member

    I vote sammie as mayor! I don't really know how to handle things so I'll just let trouble roll her way!
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  18. lordoftherings252

    lordoftherings252 Active Member

    I vote for myself, regardless of what Ont says
  19. Lord_Imperialis

    Lord_Imperialis New Member

    Alright, here's a suggestion for the Halloween area. More Halloween-y things! Also, my bomb minigame of course.
  20. AnnihiGator

    AnnihiGator New Member

    @Thyestefles I have quite a few suggestions to what we can do to better the server. I'd love for you to PM me in-game to talk about some ideas that I have regarding branding, marketing, and fixes. Thanks!


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