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What do you think of the idea of a treasure hunt?

  1. I would like to be a treasure hider

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  2. I would like to be a treasure hunter

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  3. I wouldn't participate in the treasure hunt

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  1. Robathor

    Robathor VIP

    About a week ago a few people were talking about having a treasure hunt. I think this could be awesome if done correctly. Here's a few things that I think would need to be worked out in order to pull this off.
    1- Administration. We've got to have a couple people who are OK with not going on the treasure hunt to set it up. Obviously if you're one of the people hiding the treasure, you can't also be "hunting" for it..

    2- Location. We've gotta have a spot away from peoples /home, to eliminate the chance of griefing, etc. Perhaps a mod could TP one of the creators of the hunt to a random place , save the coords, and then we could work on setting up the hunt. When we're finished hiding / burying the treasure, we can TP the contestants.

    3- Clues. How are you going to know where to look for the treasure?!? I think a "trail" system may be a little too obvious. Perhaps we set up landmarks, like a small tower, caged iron golem, redstone lamp, etc, and then give a "clue book" which would give little hints as to where to look. I also think providing a free "blank map" would be nice. Example - Treasure #1 - Northeast of the iron giant, where the water falls (and then put a chest like behind or underneath a waterfall)

    4- Entrants. Obviously we can't have 80 people all looking for the treasures. I'd say 15-20 people would be optimal. To help mitigate costs (you know, treasure is expensive!!), perhaps we could charge a 5 emerald entry fee. This would help raise $$ for the treasure, provide a small incentive to the workers, and keep the number of hunters under control.

    Let me know what you guys think, ideas for improvement, or if you'd like to be a treasure hider / hunter.

  2. FireFromTheVoid

    FireFromTheVoid Active Member

    I would be up for donating to the first treasure hunt if this happens, I'm pretty good at raising emeralds

    Could help if if the person setting it up is trying to st up waypoints that are expensive, like iron golems or if the prize itself was the emeralds
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  3. Robathor

    Robathor VIP

    Awesome! If you want to help set up the hunt, you won't be able to compete (since you'll know where the treasure is).

    If you would like to compete, you could always help out by donating some "treasure" (doesn't necessarily have to be emeralds). That way, you could contribute and still be able to be one of the "hunters"

    We'd probably need about 3 or 4 "hiders", a couple to hike out and hide the treasure, and one guy to be crafting the maps / clue books / landmarks / building a central starting area.

    I really like the idea of this activity. I think it would be super fun on both ends - trying to hide stuff, come up with little clue riddles, and of course to be one of the people competing to find the treasure!
  4. FireFromTheVoid

    FireFromTheVoid Active Member

    Yea, I'd just need alittle heads up so I don't spent them right away, but I'd love to donate.
    (I don't want to know the prizes if I'd be competeing so they could just use them as they want)

    And I'd be a hider if more were needed.

    Are you thinking of having it run by the mods, or by a group of players?
  5. Robathor

    Robathor VIP

    A donation would be awesome. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I think a 5 emerald entry fee wouldn't be too much to ask. If you want to donate more, that would be very generous :)

    If you prefer to be a hunter, go for it! I'm sure I can get 2 or 3 more people who would rather be setting it up than hunting for the treasure. Personally I have some good ideas for hiding spots / riddles to confuse the hunters :)

    Optimally, I would like at least 1 moderator to be a "hider" or possibly just "security". Someone with power to TP people to the area, and generally keep an eye on things. I would be willing to pay a moderator for their time. Also, I know a few people such as JaredBGreat who are trying to get some Vanillaworld videos on youtube. This would be a great opportunity in my opinion!
  6. FireFromTheVoid

    FireFromTheVoid Active Member

    Yea, just today I've raised like 250 emeralds for something, but that was alot of time online, I could always donate what was needed though.

    Then I'd get a change to get some back by finding whatever gets bought with them :p
  7. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    well when we were talking about a treasure hunt we were discussing it as a /wild thing, i cant remember if you two are supporters or not but that would cut the amount of people from 80 to however many supporters are online at the time. another alternative would be if you havn't made a hardcore home yet jump on hardcore and make a treasure hunt there :] make a map for the area and a book and quill for instructions on where the chests are... *maps and books :p each hunter would need these :p
  8. Robathor

    Robathor VIP

    Great idea!!!

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