Vanillaworld turns 3!

Discussion in 'Server News & Announcements' started by Konachaan, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Konachaan

    Konachaan Ex-Ex Mod Staff Member

    Yep! As of yesterday, Vanillaworld turned 3 years old, and while this thread may not be much, I hope you'll join this little piece of appreciation for our favorite server.

    We've seen some pretty crazy ups and downs through the years, from humble beginnings on Josh's PC to the massive world we have today . It's been difficult, and more than once it seemed the server was dead beyond recovery; but through everything we as a community have held on and, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of flames we shall do so again and again and again.

    We've recently had quite a few truly old school players become active again, and with new players joining constantly I have no doubt that in time we will be a big and as popular as we were this time last summer. I for one am deeply invested in the community and the server, and I know I'm not alone with that sentiment.

    Three years is a long time - why not share your best and most beloved memories of the server, past events and good times. We have many more yet to come!

    Most importantly, thank you Thyestefles for your constant hard work. It is never unappreciated :)
  2. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    For he's a jolly good fellow..
    I love the server! :)
  3. rejas

    rejas Active Member

    i aggre and by the start of the next month i should be 3 years old on the server which feels amazing even though i didnt talk on the first server i still have gotten loads of friends on here more than i would ever get irl, even some left and i didnt quite enjoy that. anyways happy birthday VW. meant to send this earlier but the site stopped working.
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  4. Rigbeard

    Rigbeard VIP

    Yay VW! I can't believe it's been around this long. Whenever it's down. I go searching for something similar to pass the time but I'm always saying "Nothing will compare to Vanilla World." It's truly unique and has some awesome people that play on it. I have too many memories that are my favorites, but I am happy for all the friendships I've made here. :)
  5. Rigbeard

    Rigbeard VIP

    We should have a little belated birthday party for the server. XD
  6. Moonglade

    Moonglade New Member

    It's too bad the server is down today :(
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  7. Turtles_epicness

    Turtles_epicness HG Tribute

    The fox did it! He chewed the wires again!
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  8. Kirays

    Kirays Active Member

    I would also like to thank everyone.
    Not just Thyestefles, Josh and the mods but also the people playing.
    You guys are great, helping each other and thus keeping the unique feeling Vanillaworld has to offer.

    Shall it remain!
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  9. antony_cathles

    antony_cathles Moderator Staff Member

    Gosh yes happy birthday.
    Thanky you thy for keeping the server going
    Thank you moderators for keeping the server a nice place to play
    Thank you everyone for being nice to eachother
    Thank you to the original ohmygod conecpt of creating a /start so each person could have their own piece of place to build.
    (ps also love the /wild)
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  10. BudderBacca247

    BudderBacca247 Active Member

    Well Happy Birthday to the server!! These past years that ive been on and building ive seen ups and downs (downs mainly consisting of borky's victims), but this server is a great place where all these wonderful people can build together and just talk like friends you've known all your life. But happy birthday vw, and hopefully there'll be many more!
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  11. Zerr_

    Zerr_ Member

    Who's "Borky?"
  12. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    Borky the ban beast.. The wither who recently has racked up a mass amount of kills. Word has it all of his victims see the death in his eyes before they are banished to the flames of hell.
  13. Vigge

    Vigge Active Member

    Me and a few others are actually trying to arrange a party somewhere in the end(secret).
    Date hasn't been planned yet, but sooner or later it will.
    So far, we've planned that we're going to have a drop party and a nice firework show :).
    p.s Help is appreciated.
  14. FakeFrost

    FakeFrost Member

    VW is 3 years old. Wow i just realized im playing on this server for nearly 2 Years!!!! And its been a great time playing on here. Thanks everyone for making this server sucj a great place on our square shaped Earth.
  15. Sonic_Th_Mighty

    Sonic_Th_Mighty Active Member

    Happy Birthday VW :)
  16. Totol987

    Totol987 New Member

    Happy Birthday!!! :D
  17. TheREALDocRabbit

    TheREALDocRabbit New Member

    Happy Birthday VW! Can still remember my first day, digging my first rabbit hole in record time, I spawned in just as sun was setting. Many happy memories since.
  18. AntyPoison

    AntyPoison Supporter

    Happy Birthday Vanilla world. Sorry I missed a birthday for the first time. :(
  19. Vigge

    Vigge Active Member

    Omg Anty! you're back!!!
  20. Vigge

    Vigge Active Member

    Well, while the server is down, i thought to myself. "Why not upload some memories/photos"!!
    That's why i decided to upload a few pics. ( I'm not a person who takes ALOT of screenshots and i USED to have alot of pictures from from ye old VW server, but sadly now their gone :( )

    Kona: It's a trap!

    Bailey found herself a new friend!!!


    More pics incoming
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