Vanillaworld turns 3!

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    This is probably the oldest picture i have lol
    Well, this is me back in august 2013.
    I'm riding on ma horse pegasus and behind is ma old house :p (this was before the reset)
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  3. Vigge

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    The second year of Vanillaworld!


    Well this is a picture from the temp server.
    I showed my so called "house" / cave to Rob :p


    Me and H3vah, a long lost friend and Eberkon member :(
    We suddenly got attacked by hundreds of zombie coming out of nowhere.
    We died so many times lol, somehow it was pretty hilarious haha.


    Me, SugarBeez and Kirays died of boredom so we decided to get on Skyblock.
    Annnd as you can see we failed already lol.


    On this picture we have Me, Bro, Kirays and the human eating cake, Rejas :p
    This picture was taken after we killed the wither FTW.


    Xeri completed the Great Eberkon Treasure Hunt!!!


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    When my friends vanished ;) I took control of the property :)
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    i remember when we defeated the wither, back when i first got vip. such a long time ago, i miss it.
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    *eats message above*
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    Guys, this thread dates back to August, and its last message was sent at September 1st. :facepalm:
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    i know, i just hadnt had time to reply to it... XD

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