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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugs' started by N2Mining, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. N2Mining

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    I am putting this separate from the other bug where I mentioned I had villagers disappear when I used a spawn egg. I am not certain they are the same bug.

    Over the past several weeks I have had dozens of villagers disappear from various locations. These are locations that have been safe for months. No Zombie spawns, nothing has ever been a problem. Suddenly they start disappearing.

    • I have two Iron Golem Spawning areas high above my base. The first one worked from the very beginning with 2 holding areas and 8-10 villagers per area. The second one which is even higher had 4 holding areas and worked great. I have lost a total of about 25 villagers between he two areas (8 I witnessed disappearing, but this might be another bug). Just one day they were gone.
    • 40+ in my Villager Breeder. One day my villager holding cell and breeding cell were both empty. I had at least 40 between the two areas. This area had again been used for months without any problems. No losses. But a few weeks ago, they were missing.
    • 15-20 in my villager librarian trade area. I had about 19 villagers set up in storage for trading. Around the same time that I lost the breeders and those in storage, I lost about 18 or 19 villagers, 2 or 3 farmers and the rest librarians. Some of these librarians had GREAT trades. All were gone.
    • My Wheat Farmer. I have a farmer villager set up grabbing wheat and dropping it on the ground. He is in a very secure area. Been working for a few months. Suddenly gone today (I checked yesterday and he was here).
    This is killing me in labor. The villagers in the breeder were restocked by inserting a loop in the system. The Librarians had been accumulated over months of work building the storage area, trading, and tracking trades. Lots of time and energy. Moving villagers back to the Iron Golem storage areas is a huge undertaking. The lower of the two areas is at Y=165 and the upper is at Y=249 (give or take a few blocks). I don't have a permanent water elevator, though I am considering it, so moving them takes hours or work.

    I expect MC to have bugs, glitches and such, but this is driving me insane. I do not believe that I lost any of these to a zombie. I am very careful. The area where my breeder is located is well lit up and very secure. I have never had a mob spawn in that area. The breeder itself is well protected and I ran it for a while with no protection around it and it was fine. I am also confident that the two Iron Golem areas were fine too. Not perfect, but I visited rarely. and they are so high that nothing can spawn except when I visit and then they would despawn quickly when I went back down.

    Oh, one other thing. I had a named creeper in a cauldron with a glass block in his head that also disappeared. I suspect it is a similar issue.
  2. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Most likely some sort of issue within Spigot itself. I'm testing the 1.9 update and should have that installed soon.

    If the problem persists, let me know. If any additional information that might help track down the cause becomes available, let me know. Named creatures despawning makes it sound like it's in Spigot, so the update will hopefully fix it.
  3. BaileyFairythorn

    BaileyFairythorn Active Member

    I do know there have been similar complaints from other players of critters disappearing, most were missing animals from players who live alone with no recent visitors but a few have been about missing villagers also
  4. Hephaestas

    Hephaestas New Member

    Over the past month I have had this issue as well, it seems as you breed more - the likelier they are to despawn across the entirety of one's base. I've had to restock my iron golem farm villagers twice now in the past 2 weeks....its a bit of an efficiency kill, as well as a kill in time for my sessions where I can actually do something (build) - because I then have to refocus onto replenishing the villagers.

    This is not to mention the countless good-and-hard-to-get trades I have gotten for villagers in my marketplace that have also despawned.
  5. N2Mining

    N2Mining Active Member

    I am not certain if its total numbers. If it is, then its variable. I am now going to build a permanent water elevator for my Iron Golem Farm, just so I can speed things up. I may build a permanent water "road" above the spawning areas to make moving even easier. got to get some ice though for the elevator. That many source blocks is a pain.
  6. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles Admin Staff Member

    Yea, I just realized the issue might actually be with the ability to have villager spawners even. We might be seeing issues due to the cap for villagers being reached, all mobs have spawn caps. Will have to look into it

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