[vote] What should happen to the creative server?

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What should we replace the creative server with?

Poll closed May 11, 2013.
  1. Skygrid

  2. PvP/Hunger Games

  3. Protected Plots

  4. Keep the creative server

  1. JoshA22

    JoshA22 VIP

    Hey everyone,

    You may not be aware but the creative server hasn't been a fantastic success. It crashes a lot because of excessive tnt usage and really isn't that popular. That's why I've made the decision to replace it with something you guys actually want.

    A few days ago I made a thread asking what kind of servers you like to play on, it seems that everyone likes lots of different styles of play! So we're going to have a vote for what should happen to the creative server..

    Skygrid has a very similar feel to skyblocks however it is much more challenging. The world is filled with random blocks 4 spaces away from each other. The player must traverse the blocks parkour style in order to gather resources. There are chests and spawners to be found too!

    PvP/Hunger Games
    This game mode would include a world that resets every hour or so. The world is of a fixed size. When players do /start instead of been 1000's of block away from each other they are only about 50. This makes the whole thing much more exciting and challenging. Slightly different to the hunger games because there is no "winner" however we could have some kind of kill-streak bonuses and leaderboard. Once you die you can just type /start and go revenge you death!

    Protected Plots
    Another popular suggestion was protected plots. When a player types /start they are teleport to a random 50 by 50 plot where only they can build. If you wish to build with another player you can just /sharehome with them. The protected plots mean you can easily view each others creations without the risk of being griefed!

    They were the the 3 most popular suggestions. A few people suggested a 'fun' server however we already have lots parkour courses and mazes on every server.

    Please vote wisely. :)
  2. justin_147

    justin_147 Active Member

    I like the look of sky-grid but i think that it is the kind of thing you do on a single player world.....
    I have never understood the point of protected plots and don't like the limited area and the fact that you cant build anything to hidden.
    I am a big fan of the hunger games and would love for that to be implemented but hunger games can cause alot of traffic and lag so the slots are limited.....
    HERES A SUGGESTION:Why not make it another survival server only for supporters only (whitelisted) in other words it works the same way, you type /start and get tp 1000s of blocks away and you start building you house and you can use /wild etc this way griefers (the supporter ones) will prefer to stay by the crowd to grief and the supporters can use there own server.(but the supporters can still use the other survival server.
    If you do not like this suggestion then i vote for hunger-games
  3. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    i have never actually put effort into trying pvp but i think it would be worth the try in hunger games :D

    the protected plots server would be good if it were creative, maybe that's how we should have had it set out? to prevent people spawning wither's all the time. seriously, i hear the wither sound every time i go onto the creative server, i dont understand it lol.
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  4. critiqued

    critiqued VIP

    All for the PvP/Hunger Games server. It'll allow the players to take their mind off of griefing/PvP on the other servers.
    And besides, it's the most popular other than factions.
  5. FireFromTheVoid

    FireFromTheVoid Active Member

    I really like the hunger games and the protected plot ideas.

    Gonna go with hunger games though
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  6. gunwolve

    gunwolve VIP

    Hunger games all the way! I'd be more than happy in assisting by creating a map for it, if you want!

    xRUBBERBANDxMANx Supporter

    79.2% of votes on Hunger Games as of now.
  8. Balion80

    Balion80 Active Member

    Skygrid loos really fun but I love pvp, this was a hard choice.
  9. togglegoggle

    togglegoggle Member

    I think PvP/Hunger Games would be good :)
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  10. "Hunger games" is like short-term "anarchy," right? I'm not sure the details, somehow got the idea there was more too it than that -- like finding hidden food / weapon chests or something, don't really know?
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  11. critiqued

    critiqued VIP

    Yes, the idea comes from the novels written by Suzanne Collins. It's based upon futuristic North America, and 2 victors are chosen from each district (out of 12 remaining districts) each year to participate in the "Hunger Games" - where they fight to the death solely for the entertainment of the people.

    I tried summarizing it in a nutshell... :p
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  12. ElleLightbulb

    ElleLightbulb Moderator Staff Member

    she said the format got the idea from the novel :p
  13. Dalidrama

    Dalidrama Supporter

    I vote PVP/Hunger Games.

    I enjoy the other ideas but all my creative efforts are going toward the survivial server so I would definately connect to the PVP server to test my skills from tiem to time. Bonus to attract grievers too.
  14. JoshA22

    JoshA22 VIP

    It's looking very likely that we're going to be having a hunger games/pvp server (unless all the skygrid fans haven't voted yet :p).

    What aspects should the map contain? I'm thinking that it will randomly generate (so every game is different) and have things like chests, dungeons and that sort of thing? Any more ideas?
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    xRUBBERBANDxMANx Supporter

    Are you allowed to download maps and use them if you can maybe download the Survival Games maps there are currently six The Survival Games maps Made by Vareide.
  16. JoshA22

    JoshA22 VIP

    I've had a play around with a few of them and it's a possibility but it means every game is exactly the same. People will know where all the good camping spots are and where the chests with diamonds are. I'd really like to make our own, custom random generating plugin to generate a unique game every time.
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  17. ziggystarhumper

    ziggystarhumper Moderator Staff Member

    i think we should do something like hunger games but with a small twist , like everyone start in a forest , search for tool , and maybe every 60 seconds or so two players are randomly chosen to fight , while the rest spectate and after the fight the two that fought the winners hp gets filled back up , than it should continue like that , also there are random loot chests around so that it isn't just craft and fight , maybe even remove all mobs so that the only way to find food is with chests , idk this is only a idea :)
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    xRUBBERBANDxMANx Supporter

    Yes you could still have the random chests items plugin that's probably not what it called, but I think the best way to see what I mean I go play a Hunger games game. sorry if you don't want me to advertise play a game for yourself and note that every chest is random. Although there are tier 2 chests that can give you iron armour diamonds etc.
  19. JoshA22

    JoshA22 VIP

    I know what you mean and I think once we've had a few more votes on this we'll make a separate 'development' thread to discuss exactly how this will work. :)
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  20. I've not read the books, but I'm familiar with the premiss; I was taking about the game mode. To me this sound like a short running version of what I'd expect on "anarchy" PvP, but with some extras (not special chests and stuff to find or arena feel on "anarchy," of course). I've not done factions (or hunger games, obviously), but I basically understand vanilla so called anarchy. (Note: To real, polical anarchist, anarchy would be more about the sharing and free-wheeling cooperation with community spirit, like the hardcore village; few people in in this country know what anarchy really is, but the American misuse of that word is applied to Minecraft.)

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