What House are You?

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Loyjanna, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Loyjanna

    Loyjanna Active Member

    Are you a Mighty Gryffindor, Hard-Working Hufflepuff, Brilliant Ravenclaw or Ambitious Slytherin?

    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry may be your new home away from Home.

    Enjoy flying your broom chasing the Snitch? We have a full-size Quidditch field ready for action.

    But first you will have to brave the giant squid as our Groundskeeper Hagrid takes the first year students across the Black Lake to the boat house and castle.

    2017-03-25_10.35.03.png 2017-03-25_10.35.19.png

    More pictures to be added as sections are completed.. eventually I'll get someone with a fancy modpack and shaders to take some pictures for us. :)
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  2. Toaster

    Toaster Active Member

    I already took the test. GRYFFINDOR!!!!!
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  3. Sammie_gaga

    Sammie_gaga Moderator

    Well I'm a Slytherin and we Slytherins hate Gryffindors... So watch ya plug Toaster :p
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  4. BudderBacca247

    BudderBacca247 Active Member

    I'm my own house ;)
  5. Footrott_Flats

    Footrott_Flats Active Member

    I am King. I need no house. I have an Entire Kingdom... its called VW.
  6. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

  7. Turtles_epicness

    Turtles_epicness HG Tribute

    HufflePuff :3
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  8. Sammie_gaga

    Sammie_gaga Moderator

    I did a buzz feed quiz today to see which 2 houses I am :p
    Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 11.53.01.png
  9. Wuzzleflump

    Wuzzleflump Active Member

    When Pottermore first started I had Ravenclaw but after they did a redesign and made it less fun to lurk on there I got put into Hufflepuff!
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  10. _Kyra_

    _Kyra_ Member

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  11. darkmajik20

    darkmajik20 Member

    I'm a Ravenclaw! :)
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  12. Xeriana

    Xeriana Moderator Staff Member

    Ravenclaw. :3
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  13. XeniaXD

    XeniaXD Member

    I'm certainly happy to know you and lucky to have you in my life. :)

    I'm a Ravenclaw!!! I've taken the Pottermore sorting quiz 3 different times and always ended up with the same result, so I'm pretty certain it's where I belong. :D
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  14. Footrott_Flats

    Footrott_Flats Active Member

    I think this is the definition of Conceded? NOT you ont.. the definition of Huffypuffy
  15. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    I'm not conceded? Ah man!

    Awww same goes for you ^-^
  16. Footrott_Flats

    Footrott_Flats Active Member

    Well your not American.. so if you are conceded.. its probably not in a negative way. :)
  17. XeniaXD

    XeniaXD Member

    *you're, *it's
    You keep using that word (conceded)... I do not think it means what you think it means.
    Perhaps you mean conceited?
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  18. Footrott_Flats

    Footrott_Flats Active Member

    Well duh.. if I can not even spell you're correctly, you think I would get conceited correct?
    You sure do expect a lot from the old Foot. Now I am going to have to start spell checking.
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  19. XeniaXD

    XeniaXD Member

    I was just poking fun. haha
  20. Ontvlambaar

    Ontvlambaar Pizza addict Staff Member

    I made some flying keys.. will soon be improved.[​IMG]
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