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    Hello fellow Vanillians,
    I know a lot of you build awesome things on the server. But why build something special, and not show it to anyone, because of trust issues?
    Granted, I have trust issues too, but there are plenty other ways to share your creations.

    Since a while, Planet Minecraft allows users to link their contents to a server on which it has been built. Linked creations will show up on the server page. With that, your build or 'project' will have a linked submission server. This is a great way to explore creations of other Vanilla World players, but even more important, to help us promote our server.

    You can post your creations and automatically link them to our server by using this link:
    Alternatively, you can use our RID when posting a project: 2082388.
    If using the RID, dont forget to click on the server popup and hit enter, otherwise it will not link.


    projects1.png project 2.png

    Thank you!
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    Thanks for the Code.. I just updated one of my builds I Posted with the Vanillaworld server link. Thanks.
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    Ill have to do this
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